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  1. Finally a tube is entering into my listening environment:-))

  2. I have a pair of these beasts:-)) too Even with the DA80M (old class a) you've not enough power. Look for DA100M or best DMA x2. Or someth#ing like a Accuphase p600 ... You need really power to drive these. But then you are in heaven:-)) To my knowledge there is no speaker out there with which can compare in the mids ans soundstage. Regards Georg
  3. Hello out there:-)) The only question for me - does the driver fit into a Sigma housing? Did you measure and are you going to try this? Regards Georg
  4. I'm interested in the SRA-14 which doesn't look that good but works fine. Have yougot any photos? What is the price you are asking. I have got spare mm/mc-cards. So I don't need them really. I live in Germany. Would you send to my country? Regards Georg
  5. Talking about the EQ curves: THere is an ED1 for the Lambda and another version for the Signature ED-1 Signature. THe former stax distrubuto audiostax made recordings with dummy heads and their booklets were quite informative. THey used the SRM Monitor with Lambda Pros and Signatures. so the difference shouldn't be that great. I had a SRM Mk2 amp and the ED1- Monitor withe lambda pro and sold them after I got the SRM Monitor. I like SRM monitor more than the combination of the two. Even though there shouldn't be that much difference.
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