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  1. Happy Birthday, Birgir!
  2. Ouch!
  3. Yes - my thinning the herd sale resulted in selling the Sigma/404's for AUS$1800, but not before some drongo from Europe PM'ed me on Ebay saying I was selling a fake which wasn't as good as the original Sigmas and then asked me what I wanted for them. I suggested he might like to fuck off.
  4. As Spritzer said, except the two are placed in a large box - they aren't actually glued together in reality. I love the sound of mine, but opinions vary tremendously on diffuse field equalisers - that's why Stax abandoned them.
  5. "slight defect where the cable was pulled out" LOL.
  6. The Lambda Nova Signature is an excellent ear speaker. I would love to hear one on a BHSE.
  7. So what do you think of the sound of the Stax ED-1/202 combo, Birgir?
  8. How are you finding the sound, Birgir?
  9. Here's an optimist! I've sent a message to get them to correct the description.
  10. LOL I meant tell us about what you thought of the changes in sound with the modification. Photo optional. My photo is with the unmodified Sigma prior to it being sent off to Accutech. I just like the photo - captures the joy of listening well, I reckon.
  11. You're going to love them. Can anyone who has had this done (apart from the usual suspects Ed and Birgir) please report back here?
  12. IMHO, the Sigma normal bias is far too dull - it translates as what you might hear as a loss of resolving power. The basic sound is fantastic, but too rolled off in the high end. The 303 or 404 driver implants transform this phone into what the Sigma promised and couldn't deliver (or, if you find a Sigma Pro, you're already there - I was lucky to find a NM Sigma Pro to add to the Sigma/404 for $700).
  13. Maybe buy a 407 headband assembly ( they are called arc assembly by Stax)?
  14. I know Birgir might think I'm a complete fwit, but I sold my 007 Mk 1 instead of the Sigma/404. And haven't regretted that for one second. Sound and comfort reasons both. IMHO, the Sigma/404 and the 007 Mk1 were almost exactly the same efficiency - volume control was the same for the same volume. The LNS is far more efficient. Probably due to the increased driver -> ear distance of the Sigma series compared with the same driver in a Lambda frame.
  15. Sigma drivers (non-pro) -> Lambda 303 chassis Lambda 303 drivers -> Sigma chassis As Birgir said, my friend. And the Sigma/303 sounds very very good.