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  1. I actually did a bunch of research and testing for a friend when he was looking for full-size, noise-canceling headphones for the train.

    As far as widely-available headphones go, Sony and Bose were pretty comparable with Sony tending to be slightly cheaper. I personally like the Sony NC60 the most as the NC500 didn't really offer a whole lot more for $100 extra. The NC60 was comfortable, fairly sturdy, canceled out store noise really well and $100 cheaper than the closest Bose model. The only problem was I can't comment on sound quality.

    Though I'd agree with Sherwood and if you can find a used pair of QuietComforts, they were easily the most comfortable.

  2. It could be dust or it could just be the Exstata bias supply acting up. Let's just say that Stax would never put something like that in their amps...

    My condolences Stretch. My exstata makes high pitched squeals with my lambdas quite often as well so I hope it's just that.

  3. Well, I was hoping that the WA6SE would be decent enough, but if not then I also have a power amp in reserve. IIRC didn't they improve the efficiency for the production version though?

    They sounded damn fine out of a WA6 (not sure if it was the SE or not) at CanJam, I wouldn't worry about the power.

  4. Just glue them down with polyurethane and be sure to let it cure at room temperature for 24hours. I then apply a second layer on the outside of the drivers to make sure they aren't leaking. We are all about overkill... :)

    See I thought laser cutting some pieces to essentially bolt the driver to the baffle was overkill. Though I may pick up some polyurethane tomorrow on your recommendation.

    Also leaning more and more towards one of these newer lambda models as the reviews come in.

  5. Had to affix the drivers in my Lambda Nova Classic back to the baffles again when I noticed both were no longer placed correctly. Might be something to do with the sticky sheet I used. If it happens again, I have more drastic measures in mind.

  6. If you go with the 2sa1968ls which i think sounds ever so slightly sweeter,

    the power supply rails have to be +/-450 volts. If you go with the ixtp01n100d, then you can

    go with +/-500 volt rails

    Does sweeter necessarily mean better? Also mark me down as interested in a board set.

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