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  1. Hope that means you're almost home, JP. That is a hell of a drive, although Young Min and Adrian top the list of the insane who drove. 15-16 hours is hell, and they were only in the hotel 20 hours or something.

    It was 19 on the way in but it was still well worth it to be able to meet and drink with everyone. Many thanks to Kevin, Todd and Doug for the glorious whisky and beer.

  2. The left driver on my Lambdas has become loose. It's barely being held onto the black plate/housing piece. Any recommendations on how I should glue it back on? I was thinking clean the old glue off with alcohol and use a superglue.

  3. Definitely, I've done a drive from MA to downeast Maine by myself and that was horrendously boring.

    Was going to try to put a little more work on the case of my eXStatA and possibly bring it. Will be buying a power regulator this time.

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