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  1. Sounds (heh) wonderful. I'm not sure if I should be jealous of the table itself or your wood dealer.
  2. Did you build it entirely from scratch? What did you use for the main bearing? Building a turntable has been on the long list of projects for a few years now. Just A+, bang-up job on the design. Loving the combo of woods and overall aesthetic.
  3. It's been a nasty weekend, weather-wise. Perfect for staying in and doing stupid things with lasers. I needed an image to test out dithering and came up with this:
  4. Truth, it is not. However, it is raining and real cold. The weather does not agree with the great news.
  5. The thing I have learned working with a lasers is you need to treat it like a weapon: is it loaded/plugged in, is it safed/armed, is it pointed at the thing I am going to shoot and not at the things I do not want to shoot, am I wearing the safety gear, is everyone else safe or with gear on, do I know what I am doing? Only then, do you press the button. Shitty day out here, trying to motivate myself to head out to the garage and put my words into actions.
  6. Agreed, coming from a lot of work-related laser work, there's a personal arm/de-arm sequence and there will be an enclosure before anyone else is even in the garage with me. I trust myself, but no one else. Also need an enclosure for fumes anyways.
  7. I got the J Tech Photonics laser upgrade for the Shapeoko. Started installing it today, hope to do some test runs this weekend.
  8. sorry, should that have been an <\vpi>?
  9. But wait, is it really a fair comparison if all the speakers are not positioned in the same spots? You mean to tell me your store doesn't have pairs of servicepeople to move around the speakers so I can get the most accurate comparison?? Who's the manager?!?! I demand to speak to them! <\karen>
  10. Compared to what? Also nightmares are dreams too.
  11. I would agree that laser is the way to go with cutting paper. Marking, just thinking out loud here, you would need pretty fine control over the laser power level to ensure you didn't also burn through the paper. You could also probably rig up a fine pen to do the lines too. I think a hobby-grade machine could achieve the precision you need. Below is my experiments with a diamond drag bit on brass and that emblem is less than 1.5" tall. There's definitely some artifacts from inaccurate steps but this is straight out of the box, no tuning.
  12. That's really damn nice Steve. I'm really digging the matching aesthetic.
  13. Dang, that is a nice and clean build. Where did you get those heatsinks if you don't mind me asking?
  14. Made some simple clamps for the Shapeoko out of some scrap red oak. Don't have a finished picture because I don't have a flush-trim router bit to cut off the tabs. Still learning feeds and speeds so the finish is also questionable.
  15. Thank you all for reminding me I have a pair of Grados. Even if just the SR-80, I forgot how good these sound.
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