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  1. Sign me up, probably be cheaper than paying for heat in the winter.
  2. It uses AAs??????? What a fucking find! I'm not joking, proprietary batteries that will all eventually die on you eventually, and be expensive to replace make me very sad. Especially since I think Sony just locked out all third-party batteries too.
  3. I used Ref ormed Film Lab out of Florida to mail some rolls of film not too long ago. Price was reasonable, turnaround was quick and their in-house scans were pretty good to my un-tuned eyes. This was some Fuji 200 that expired in 2012 I think, on my Dad's old OM10 with 50mm lens.
  4. I think the first album I bought was Dear Science and the first and only turntable I bought was JP's old Sony PS-X7
  5. I got my Walkman back from repairs. The muting module had issues and it needed a new belt. Sounds great again.
  6. Simple miter joints. Took a bit to set up on the table saw just right but glad I did. All the corners are 90 degrees. Going to cut splines in next weekend for strength. Trying to decide if I want 2 or 3 on each corner. Will be using more walnut to match the inlay.
  7. Been working on a box of sorts I guess. Unsure if my dad needs a box but he sure is gonna get one. Still need to do some sanding, cut the lid down to size and put finish on, this is just after the glue dried on the joints.
  8. I used the aforementioned ping pong table to do a test inlay. Worked out very well, onto actually using it on something.
  9. I think your miter gauge is a little too small for it though.
  10. Just wait until you hear about the fourth phase, or home phase.
  11. Looks intense. I spent my day getting signed off on the local makerspace's ping-pong table. Well used but still runs very well. Plus has a real nice 3-phase spindle.
  12. Jesus Christ, how horrifying.
  13. The only way to answer this question is probably to listen to both. I recommend buying both.
  14. If that is the case, it also failed in that regard. Needed more rhinestones and chrome.
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