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  1. Note to self: do not hire Sequoia Hill to produce next album
  2. The TTVJ Slim amp/dac sounds great and is a nice option.
  3. first rounds on me....

  4. Game 7's of the the conference finals kick ass...VAN vs. ?
  5. Fuck Knucks, your taste in photography is excellent. I particularly love the H.R .in studio with baby, the long ass downward staircase and laughed my ass off at the truck/boat launch ramp …it does not go un-appreciated by myself…thanks again.. edit: drinking and spelling...
  6. Thanks for posting all these Knucks. It's my favorite thread on the net. Keep em coming! I'll try to catch your show one night I have insomnia...
  7. Yup. I'm on board with all comments made GPH and skullguise. The B's need to get much more traffic in front of Price and take the puck to the net. Perfect road game by the Habs, so hats off to them. I was a little pissed that B's fans started booing in game 1 of the playoffs though. Also, to add to boomana's Wings comment, I think everyone should watch Datsyuk every chance they get, he is an under-rated artist out there. I honestly think at times he is pure magic with his space creation and puck protection. Hats off to the Sabres as well, they scrambled a bit, but Miller earned his SO.
  8. Absolute Bomb by Semin, thanks for the clip again. Huge win by Nashville on the road, they are great at home and the Ducks are in a serious fight now.
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