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  1. 009S and a new DAC got announced (SRM-D10). Can't wait to give it a listen next time I'm in Japan. They are both expected to be for sale in the middle of June. 460,000 yen for the 009S and 90,000 yen for the DAC. https://stax.co.jp/2018/04/24/009s_d10/ https://stax.co.jp/products/sr-009s/ https://stax.co.jp/products/srm-d10/
  2. Fiber here in Sakai Japan. My upload is actually the same speed as my download but did not show up in this test. I love Japanese internet.
  3. I loved my SRX MkIII Pro when I had it. I just wished it was more comfortable as it killed my ears and head wearing it. I preferred it to even a 507.
  4. Hey everyone I have been feeling an itch to to get a DAC capable of 24bit/96Khz or better. I currently have and love my Stax DAC talent. About what level of current DAC would exceed the quality of my current DAC? Do $500 DACs now exceed the quality of classic DACs? Or would I need to spend over $1000 or more to notice a difference? For those that don't know the DAC has a Burr Brown PCM63P which can do 20bit/48Khz. Some specs are Digital Filter: 20bit Oversampling: 8x Bit conversion: 20/16 Total harmonic distortion: 0.0015% (1kHz, 0dB) 0.015% (1kHz,-20dB); 1.5% (1kHz,-60dB) Frequency response: DC ... 20kHz (± 0.5dB) S / N ratio: 118dB Dynamic Range: 104dB Channel Separation: 120dB
  5. Does anyone know if any other company's ear-pads would fit on a Stax Gamma? Unfortunately Stax doesn't carry any ear-pads for them anymore.
  6. It is probably just me but I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Like a friend just passed away...
  7. Some of my recent pictures IMG_8836 by tkdgraben, on Flickr _MG_0721 by tkdgraben, on Flickr _MG_0718 by tkdgraben, on Flickr frog Okayama Japan by tkdgraben, on Flickr
  8. Thanks for the impressions. I was looking forward to hearing what you thought. If you like the midrange of the Sigma you should try a Gamma, or SRXMk3. I prefer their midrange to any Lambdas.
  9. I feel really lucky to live in western Japan. It really is a terrible tragedy.
  10. Exif for the bird was 145mm with a 70-200 f4l (non is) and 40D f4 Taken 2.1m away ISO 400 1/500s
  11. They locked the new thread I made in high end after 4 people posted
  12. Does anyone have or know where I could find a SRD-X Pro schematic? Thanks
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