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  1. Could I be added with the following: 4x GRHVxxx - partially populated 2x GRLV79xx 2x GRLV78xx 2x Main Board 1x miniT2 Cheers,
  2. No problems, thanks for clarifying. I think you had suggested in previous posts to collect the info together, so that is what I'm trying to do. Now I have to wait for the heatsinks to arrive.
  3. Thanks for the confirmation Pars. Seeing you have the spice sim set up, does the drop of R14,R29 from 255 to 240ohm also result in a drop in Bias? Looking at the circuit and thinking about the behaviour, it makes sense to me. I just got rather confused by past posts. This started as a wish to collate the results posted of different configurations. For completeness I will probably initially populate the 2nd amp with the Bivar LED's, as I ended up ordering both. Cheers
  4. Hi All, I have my first of two Dynalo minis populated. I fell into the same trap as Congo with the orientation of the 680 ohm resistors, but once fixed it came up without issue. I had already checked and tweaked the on board regs. My question is about the biasing. I started with the default recommended 422ohm and 255ohm. Then I tried adjusting the combinations as others have before, and I am summarizing what I found into a table. However, I seem to have the opposite effect to Pars, which is confusing me. I have the Liteon LED's, and +/-20V supplies. With R1,R3 = 422ohm, R14,R29
  5. Picked up the package from customs today. Looks great. Thanks
  6. Cspirou, I would like the holes for any externally visible screws countersunk. How are you collecting that info, and do these small customizations impact the price? As you asked I'm providing my request, but I would assume this compicates the group buy a bit.
  7. Paid, but unfortunately left my username off the payment. Cheers, Stefan Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  8. I broke for a second If an alternative colour does end up happening, I'd be keen for Silver anodize on both. Otherwise black is fine too. Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  9. I'm interested. Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  10. Out of interest, does anyone know of a voltage selector for 100-115-230V. I have two 115V primaries with 100V taps. I just use jumpers for now.
  11. Thanks. I ran out of bench space to fit more meters The thermal camera is a Infratec VarioCAM hr Research with the IRBIS3 software. The amp is in a 2U modushop case. I got motivated to try out the things I learnt in the Keysight scope month videos.
  12. So I finished my my KGSSHV Carbon a few weeks ago. Been too busy listening to it, but I thought I would share my effort and measurements. I am lucky enough to have access to some test gear that allowed me to take thermal pictures of the amp and some further analysis such as frequency response. I also put together a bring up guide that I used. It is basically a summary of what others have already come up with here in posts. it can be viewed at: KGSSHV Carbon Bringup Guide Attached is the test report. And yes, the wiring still needs to be tidied up in that picture, especially the
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