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  1. Those are only top panels. Mounting holes will be there. Yes, traffos from SumR will fit. New PSU board is a bit shorter too. I got some more expensive trimmers from Bourns already. Just haven't got time to try them... More than $200 just for the trimmers doesn't sound good though. Measure the resistance and replace with fixed resistors is another option. No, the volume knobs will be 'standard'. The extended rod will be through the panel bearing.
  2. Any suggestion for the front panel's design?
  3. Some updates... The board's thickness will need more time to fully solder the thing. You don't want to de-solder anything though... I've come up with what I think final design for the top and bottom plates. Bottom and top plate of the PSU will be the same. I wanted to add more venting holes but afraid it will not be strong enough to hold everything. Small parts such as tube rings and volume knobs are already in production yesterday. I am thinking of making a small badge made of stainless steel, and then a layer of leather with laser engraved logo on top of th
  4. Just got back from a short vacation... sorry for any delay. The boards arrived yesterday. The extra thickness is just awesome, bullet-proof is all I could say. Will try to take some pics later on A very helpful delivery man did manage to drop the whole box and damage the corners of the boards a bit :-/ I will bring a set of them to the machine shop and begin to sketch up the chassis this weekend.
  5. So this is the spreadsheet with common parts and price. In Yen, of course. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoNVeoQi85GgdHZPMlJPVnFKZ1A0d3dxRnpNR0xPSFE#gid=0
  6. Absolutely, just let me know whatever you want. Price check on their website. To make it clear, there are some hidden fees: bank transfer, shipping cost from them to my place in Japan, and then to me, exchange rate, Paypal fee.
  7. I am ordering from satodenki soon, so anyone needs anything from there, just let me know via PM. I will finalize things on Thursday. To make it easier, here are the required parts for the T2 that are available from them: 34 2sa1486 8 2sk216 4 2sk246gr 4 2sj79
  8. Yes Those will come either black or silver aluminum.
  9. If you look back some pages, you could see me own cases. These would basically look like that, with some minor/major changes... The top plates will have lots of punched venting holes. The front panels, not sure yet.. how many jacks you guys want? I am thinking of one jack on the right, volume knob in the middle, and 5mm LED on left. Power switch on the PSU's front or just blank? If yes, which type? I do know place in China that sells latching switch, rated 5A. These switches are made of anodized aluminum, not cheap plastic ones on fleabay or PC-related sites. These are the volume knobs, sp
  10. New boards are in production today. ETA 3 weeks.
  11. Yes, I still have some onboard sets left. Good to hear that Let me know if there is something wrong, I do have spare ones to replace.
  12. The L brackets in the T2 are not tapped and 4mm thick. Add the nut, ceramic washer, 3mm board thickness and the sand itself, something 15mm would be appropriate here. I would be still in for 100pcs of 8mm ones anyway.
  13. Yes, looking for the 15mm. 8mm is limited for the KGSSHV.
  14. What's the estimated price? I am in for at least 200pcs.
  15. No biggie, John. Better not messing up with the ladies.
  16. I finally got details from the machine shop and these are the info. Participants please let me know your decision soon so that I could finalized the quantity. + chassis will be 400mm long (15.75") and 77mm (3") tall. + all will be black anodized, instead of powder coating as aforementioned. + top and bottom panel are 3mm thick + front panel 10mm thick + punched venting holes + laser engraving on front panel. silkscreen on rear panel. + all stainless steel socket head screws + all holes machined + custom machined decorative tube rings + (optional) custom stainless steel spikes
  17. All the boards are shipped, except those I haven't got the payment or shipping address Will gradually update with tracking numbers. Thanks all for joining the GB and let me know if I sent you anything wrong.
  18. Yes. There is no offboard and squarewave left now.
  19. Thanks, Chris, appreciate that. Hopefully all the boards will be shipped out by this weekend and I could move forward to the T2 stuff.
  20. First shipment today.. couldn't do more since I only got 2 hours. I shipped basing on the payment's order. Some packages are charged more than $22... :-/
  21. Would be awesome if you could come up with a simple, ready-to-use controller, instead of the Arduino. I have a couple of Bourns 256ppr encoder waiting for this attenuator..
  22. How are you powering up the digital attenuator, Kerry? Any specific PSU?
  23. Boards are ready. Shipping will begin next week. I will update the spreadsheet with tracking numbers.
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