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  1. 15lyl

    KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    I use this schematic for KGSS +-15V 15V.pdf
  2. 15lyl

    The DIY Electrostatic amp thread

    ALL my problems are from my very old EI transformer, which produced a big voltage transient surges when switched on and killed 4 of 2sa 1968, now I need to put 2 metal-oxide-type varistors in the secondary. I think I need a toroid transformer to rewire the power supply.
  3. 15lyl

    The DIY Electrostatic amp thread

    Thank you for your quick response Kevin. 2sa1486 is not available in Australia too. The noise was from the bias voltage. When my probe touched the bias, the noise disappeared, then I put a 5uf cap. after the 4.7M ohm, it has been fixed. Now I need to adjust and listening. Where can I read your KGSSHV the whole article? It is not in the HeadWIze site now?
  4. 15lyl

    The DIY Electrostatic amp thread

    It takes me almost 8 years to complete the KGSS, because due to the lack of 2sa1968, now I use a 2sa1413 instead and reduce the supply voltage to 345v. When I test the amp with a CRO, there is an about 100 KHz sawtooth wave oscillation, I connect two 560pf caps. between B E of 2sc3675 in the third stage, the sawtooth gone. But when I listen with my Stax SRX mark3, there is still small squall oscillation; even I increase the caps.to 2nf. If I connect the caps. between 2sc2705 base and 2sc3675 collector, all high frequency gone. Will anyone help?