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  1. This was a very interesting audio listening session. My biggest surprise was being able to hear the regen and wyrd affecting the sound in a very perceivable way. I remember a while back when Schiit first debuted at a head-fi meet and spoke to them about making DAC's. I remember the confidence in their voice about the ability to design something good. Not having owned any of their gear, it is nice to finally listen to to some of their newer offerings. It was funny that we tended to prefer the gumby on our listening material thinking that it was the yggy. But both did sound very good. Things got interesting as we changed the source material throughout various genres. The mixing and matching was good fun being able to experience all the different "flavors". Definitely some gear that is worth spending time on.
  2. I see some people asking for boards. I have a set I might be willing to let go from an old GB run. pm me if you're interested.
  3. I have the .5 version offboards and am unsure whether to cross the diodes or not. Can anyone confirm for sure this was fixed in the .5 offboard version? (my original build was .4)
  4. Thanks guys! busting out the dmm this weekend and will be going over each trace! I'll have an update and some pics hopefully by Sunday.
  5. Thanks Kevin! So rechecking the amp boards and schematics, all feedback resistors are indeed 100k and feed into the 200ohms. the values on both boards are the same, and the symptoms on both boards seem identical. I am unsure how to proceed at this point as all the values seem check out on the boards. I have some new parts coming in just to try something/anything, but this build has been giving me quite the headache as I can't seem to figure out the root cause of the symptoms. Still have that 10k resistor heating up too much and the peculiar uneven led lighting .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcVCWShWCHc pretty stumped by this one! I'll try to get some hi res pics of the amp boards (maybe another set of eyes can help out as I've checked the board several times now but no luck!)
  6. So the resistor is indeed 10k and still measures well. still experiencing same symptoms. have ordered new parts to replace the section but still unsure as to what might be wrong.
  7. oh wow I wonder if it is 100.. replacing whole section tonight. will give update later.
  8. Hey guys, so a quick update. I was looking over the boards again and I noticed that my 10k led resistor (R51) is a little charred. You can clearly see marks on the resistor. Was looking at the circuit but wasn't sure why the 10k would be charring up. any ideas? here are some pics. http://imgur.com/2wNdVa2,vRrWyeM#0 Looking at the schematic, i'm not sure why the resistor would burn up as i'm getting a good 15v from the psu. I also replaced the 2sc1815 for good measure but still smelling dat burn...
  9. roger, I'll have some updated photos in a day or so.
  10. right using lil knights boards. I just have not been able to identify which part might need to be replaced. still getting the same symptoms. Ive checked the amp boards 3-4x and to my eye nothing seems out of place. thats why I'm posting up since I ran out of ideas myself..
  11. yea both boards exhibit the same behavior with the leds.
  12. Hey all, running into some problems with a new kg build (450v w/ a1968). PSU works fine, but both amp boards are showing strange behavior and I haven't been able to figure it out. (amp boards are revision .5) When I apply power to the amp boards, only 3 leds light up (the led by the balance pot doesn't come on) However, as the power turns off the 3 lights power down and then the balance led comes on. here is a youtube showing the symptom. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcVCWShWCHc&feature=youtu.be (sorry about the quality) I am sure there is a short but I am not sure where. Any thoughts on what might be wrong? Thanks for any help!
  13. I've got some T2 boards on stand by, but am not sure if I should proceed in light of these new projects coming out. Would it be wise to wait for the SS T2 or is that a ways off into the future? just itching to start buying BOM parts:)
  14. like horio's, had the heatsinks drilled and tapped. we did cousin builds.. mine just finished a bit later than his:)
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