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  1. Where can you order them from?
  2. I can vouch for these chassis, I've got two and am finishing the first built. Well worth every penny, would cost many times this in a finished product.
  3. I also heard from another friend in the business that they're using 2sc6127 on the output. The electro harmonix input tubes have me interested. I love the 600LE with it's 6922, maybe this'll sound similar - very energetic. Yeah DAC or phono makes sense, the industry has abandoned diffuse field I think. If the DAC wasn't just another delta-sigma clone I'd be thrilled, maybe a R2R. Heresy but personally I don't mind the lack of regulation in Stax power supplies, curious to hear from Jude what the story is here. It's less accurate but does give a nice looser character which I appreciat
  4. Maybe a diffuse field equalizer like the ED-1, but tailored for the 009? I believe the later headphones strived to build the equalization into the headphone, but at that point you're fighting physics so I wonder how much can be accomplished. Anyhow it looks like a 20 pin connector from the back, and since it has it's own power supply, I'd guess DAC and possibly eq. I love the ED-1/Pawel/Monitor eq personally, would love to see that option.
  5. I'm in the near final stage of my GeorgeP cased T2 and talked to a EE hardware manager on my team at work about heat sinking. The discussion was useful so thought others here might like to hear what he said. Turns out he has a lot of experience with heat management, since dealing with every mW is his biggest issue on the platform and they've struggled with it for years. What they found is that the the only factor with heat sinking is air gaps, since air is an insulator. Torquing is only specified as a poor mans way from the manufacturer of trying to ensure there's no gaps. Beyond the no
  6. Too busy, hey it's your fault Kevin, you keep coming up with these amp designs that are eating up my free time
  7. I can recommend a Metcal station with desoldering gun, you can build a kit off eBay for cheap (I got the gun new for something like $100). Just hook it up to an air compressor, get a few tips and it beautifully makes rework easy. Weller and others have similar solutions.
  8. Sounds good. I'm stupid enough to be building a second one in parallel so can do both.
  9. Darn, I'm in the latter stages of my build and used Takman for the battery 390k/820k. And as things turned out (and a little help from my friends ) got Xicon 390k/820k. It would be easier to pull now rather than later, should I swap them? Or just give them a shot?
  10. We're doing a quick moving T2 board set group buy; there are two members and we have a quote for two more (but will go ahead regardless). Specs are ... FR4Blue solder MaskWhite silkscreen2.36 mm thicknessENIG3 oz cuIPC-class 2100% e-TestedThe buy consists of a set of the full sized boards; one power supply and one amplifier board, $225 for the set + shipping and PayPal fees. Post interest here and we will close the buy in one week. If we have more then 4 participants the price will be lower.
  11. No, making a 'wood thing' is exactly the kind of things real engineers do when starting out. We hack something together best we can to get an idea of what we're doing (do searches for prototype Google Glass for an example). But not having any engineers on your team is dubious, which necessitates you coming to forums for help. Without engineering how will you do the CAD? Measurements? Testing? Design for production? I'd recommend you find an engineer first.
  12. What's the status of the GB, any updates ?
  13. I thought you might have meant that but didn't parse. Current production silicon T2? Didn't know there was such a thing. This one is using out of production (original T2 design) silicon, or the original T2 design at least (2SK216, 2SJ79, 2SC3381, 2SA1486, 2SC3575 etc). Any links appreciated.
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