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  1. On 4/2/2023 at 4:11 AM, spritzer said:

    This is very sad and a lot of Single Power influence here, cheaper parts used in series and parallel. 

    I see the A, B and C markings so is there a PSU schematic as well?

    Edit:  Never mind, I found the thread and wow... google translate may not be doing some of those people any favors but there was some class A stupidity going on.  Point to point always sounds better than PCB's!!!  The Viva may be crap but it sounds so good with the X9000!!  Yeah... might be because the X9000 is also crap?  Just an idea... 

    Anyway some more pics from that thread:


    Just look at this mess, hot glue everywhere (where they should have used lacquer paint) and cheap parts everywhere.  Not sure why that woolen stuff and zip tie is on the selector switch but that is the ultra cheap switches I can buy at the local store for 2$. 


    Then we have this gem... why is a part of the shrink wrap on the cap missing and just what on earth is that supposed to be?  A bridge rectifier?  This might actually worse than Single Power but remember kids, a nice PCB with length matched traces sounds far worse than this!! 


    Now look at this picture of loveliness, a Rifa X2 (as in power supply suppression cap) ,known all over the world for their tendency to fail short (look up Rifa madness) being used in a "high end" amp.  Not even Single Power stooped this low, he might have "tuned" the circuit by placing an Audio Note silver cap in series with an Orange Drop but they are at least good caps.  This is just pure and utter garbage. 


    I just love this picture, look at that mess of wires into a bundle of solder.  Extra price for the burn marks on the cap as zero fucks are given here.  They should seriously have this as a promo picture. 


    Last picture and would you look at those XLR inputs... yeah that's one way of dealing with a XLR to RCA conversion... just not hook anything up to pin 3 of the XLR sockets.  I'm sure there is some owner of this piece of trash that claims massive improvements when it is run balanced...  Also, look at the soldering on that, I'm sure those RCA's came with nice ground tabs but nope, fuck it, let's just solder directly to the thread and have it leaking down and almost touching the center pin. 

    Lastly, I just love we are getting this from my good friend at JR Audio, one of the few builders of electrostatic equipment who is actually worse than this.  I wonder if he's looking for pointers to becoming even worse? 


    This looks like Mikhail’s work. 

  2. Don’t buy the 2023 crops of North America Sony DAPs given that Sony has given in to the volume restriction laws similar to EU volume capped laws.  I believe this applies to the 2023 NA ZX707 and A306 models and newer.  The 4.4 mm balanced output drops from 230 mW on the ZX707 down to just under 3 mw.

    I imported a non-volume capped ZX707 version  from Amazon.JP for about $150 in saving including a 4 days DHL express shipping fees for a total of $750.  Their current flagship, NW-WM1AM2 and 1ZM2 released back in 2021, are not affected however.

    There is nothing wrong about releasing a successive models as long as it is an improvements from the old generations and Sony doesn’t do this on a yearly basis.  The ZX507 was released in 2018-19 and the ZX707 was released late of last year.  Their signature DAPs are updated every five years or so.  The first generation Signature DAPs came out around 2015-16 and the 1A/1Z MKII came out in 2021.

    Please be open minded and give some of these new DAPS a try.  I think you guys will really enjoy them.  The sound quality is starting to approach a mid-end desktop equipment but in a portable form and that is great.

    I really like my newly acquired ZX707 and I think it is the best one yet intern of price and performance ratio.  I do recommend if u have the budget.  If you don’t want to spend that much on a portable DAPs, check out used previous generation models.  A used ZX300s, and ZX507s are around $250 and $350 respectively.  I am not too concerned about the battery since I can DIY.  Also,  Sony often uses high quality Li-ion cell battery.  My 2004-ish Sony X1060 still hold a full charge.

    Of course, the cassette display screen below on my WMA1M2 and ZX707 does looks pretty cool to me.


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  3. Actually these Sony portable DAPs do sound really good.  If you own easy to drive phones or IEMs, I think you will be mightily impressed.  I sold my Pico Power once I bought my Sony NW-WM1A which was released back around 2017 or so.  Its 4.4 balanced output is also powerful enough at 250 mw at 16 ohm to drive a 300 ohm Sennheiser.  To many the old WM1A is neck to neck sound wise if not better than the Mojo Gen 1 and you don't need a digital transport.

    You don't need to buy the latest Sony money box.  A used ZX507 can be purchased for around $300 to 350 now and they sound considerably than any iPods or iPhones.  The battery is easily replaceable as long as you are handy with soldering iron and wiling to DIY.  The flagship WM1ZM2 Walkman is crazily expensive at $3600 or so but it does sound excellent when I auditioned it.  Of course, don't expect Mini Dynalo level performance but it isn't that far off either as long as you are not driving difficult orthos.  I do actually have the less expensive model, the WM1AM2 and I highly recommended it.

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  4. On 6/29/2022 at 8:47 PM, chinsettawong said:

    @purkcame to visit me today.  I showed him all of my DIY headphones.  He seemed to like my Omega clone the most.


    Definitely enjoy all of your headphones, maybe the Orpheus clone and then the Omega clone the most but I definitely enjoy chatting with you more.  P. Wachara was super kind and took me and another friend out for a great meal!  Many thanks again!  This picture was taken after a big meal by the way!!

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  5. 3 hours ago, blessingx said:

    Legitimate question, but I’m not sure that would save his country. 

    At this point, maybe about saving lives.  Again, I would have absolute go to war to defense my love ones and country too but many more lives are at stake more than ever now.  Putin is a blood hungry SOB and a complete scum for doing this to the people of Ukraine.

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