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  1. purk

    Happy Birthday mulveling

    Have a wonderful birthday to my good friend Mike! 40 at last!
  2. purk

    Happy Birthday Doug!

    Have a great birthday as well Doug!
  3. purk

    Hifiman Jade II

    Give them two weeks. And yeah, it will be more expensive and equally dangerous.
  4. another vote for Mjolnir-Audio! The KGSSHV is the sweet spot!
  5. purk

    Kaldas Research

    I'm excited for you as well.
  6. purk

    Atlanta Audio Club Annual Meet - May 5, 2019

    You really should John. It has been too long since we last meet. I personally think the GS-X mini will be quite stellar. I'm sure Doug either will attend or send loaner amps to TomB. Would be neat to finally hear the ECP T4 and ECP DSHA-3F. @ Brent, We sure miss your presence man. Maybe you can get Fitz to join us at the meet again. I also miss him.
  7. purk

    Atlanta Audio Club Annual Meet - May 5, 2019

    Thanks John. Hoping for another great meet! I will be attending as usual. Headamp will also be there!
  8. purk

    Sony WM1A and microSD

    Glad you are liking it. I hope you did get it for a good price. I think the DAC is an after thought however. Wish the line level out is always active though.
  9. purk

    Fuck in snow

    no snow here in Atlanta. Just about 6-inch of rain by the end of this week. I really want a snow day.
  10. purk

    Sony WM1A and microSD

    I think the GS-X Mini would be a great choice for the Utopia. As good as the ZH1ES is, it isn't as transparent as the GS-X / or the mini Dynalo that I have. Less dynamic sounding too. However, you can buy the ZH1ES used for less than $1500 and you are about 85-90% there to the GSX Mini and you don't need to get another DAC. If you need a cheap but very good DAC, I highly recommended the SMSL SU-8 1.2 version DAC. For $250 off Amazon, it offers a really good sound for cheap. No harshness that I could detect either.
  11. purk

    Sony WM1A and microSD

    How about the GSX - mini?
  12. purk

    Sony WM1A and microSD

    Yes, I have. The ZH1ES is a solid upgrade in term of sound quality from my WM1Z and you should see the sonic benefits on your Utopia as well John. I found the ZH1ES to have considerably better soundstage depth and width compared to my 1Z. The presentation on the ES amplifier is more laid back and also warmer than that of the WM1A and 1A so it should work in favor of the Utopia. With that said, the best I have heard the Utopia was actually out of my GSX-MKI with Dynalo Plus module installed.
  13. purk

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    40 Trips Around the Sun in 24/96. Just bought it 15 mins ago. Excellent remastering.
  14. purk

    Hifiman Jade II

    Or whenever they decide to release Jade II SE
  15. purk

    ecp audio

    I know that the 3F is made for Focal, but how does the Senn HD800 do on it?
  16. purk

    Hifiman Jade II

    The L700 + 353X gotta be a much better purchase.
  17. purk

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Have a great thanksgiving everybody!
  18. purk

    RIP someone or another

    My condolences, Wayne and Antonio.
  19. purk

    The Headcase Stax thread

    Seem like a better designed product than the Koss ESP950. Koss offers a lifetime warranty though.
  20. purk

    Happy Birthday Dusty!

    Have a great birthday Dusty!
  21. purk

    Stax SRM-T8000

    Justin told me that the 353X is a re-worked SRM717, so it should sound very decent right?
  22. purk

    The Headcase Stax thread

    I'm not going to overpay for the SR009...when I can get them used for around $2500 now.....sadly I paid $3800 for mine a few years back. Some of us even paid $5500ish back when the US economy was tanking.
  23. purk

    RIP someone or another

    Very sad news. My deepest condolence to you and your family, Craig.