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  1. Hi All, A power supply was delivered to Tyll yesterday by my lovely wife and we shipped a power supply to blessingx too! So you will hear something from these two wise men soon. I have 2 people on the Arete loaner list and am willing to extend it to 2 or 3 more folks if you want to sign up. Just e-mail me with your contact info and user name and I will add you to the loaner program. The rules are: you get it for 2 weeks and then you send it to the next guy (or gal). Then you get to write a review of what you heard. Let me know if you want in on the loaner program! Todd
  2. Hi Guys, Ok, so you are correct, don't get to the threads anywhere near enough. But with some kindly proding I do show up Tyll will be getting a switching supply (the stock supply with the Peak and Arete) on Thursday. I will be delivering it to him and look forward to seeing Tyll and saying hi! Blessingx, I can send one to you also if you want to hear the Peak/Arete/Volcano/Switcher. Let me know via e-mail and I'll send one out to you tomorrow... that will then be included with the traveling loaner Arete/Volcano Todd
  3. I do not know what is wrong with my site. I get orders all the time. Please email me - [email protected] and let me know what problems you are experiencing and I will work as hard as possible to get it fixed right away. The Peak and Volcano are in stock so if you want to call to order I can ship one right out. I am SORRY for the hassle!
  4. Hi mrarroyo, It can ship out as soon as you send me an e-mail with your shipping info - or at least within a day or so of me getting it. Any of the other Floridians ho would like to hear it are also welcome. Please let me know if you give it to someone else so I can keep track of it. Todd
  5. I guess I should have said, Apex High Fi Audio's least expensive home amp. We consider it a starter amp in that it does improve the sound quality and does not cost over $1000. I have heard many amps for less that not only did not improve the sound but seemed, to my ears, to degrade the sound. We feel that at $495 it is a very good value and that it will perform at a level higher than its price point. And this thread was about letting some ears hear it... but so far no takers. Is no one interested in trying out the Butte? Todd
  6. HI All, Pete and I have introduced the Apex High Fi Audio Butte headphone amp. It is a great starter amp and sells for $495. Tyll put up a review of it on Innerfidelity today see it here. I would like to make a Butte available to 6 members of Head Case to audition in their own rigs and write up a little review of it. You can email me at [email protected] to sign up. You need to send me your Head Case user name, and shipping and contact info. You will get the Butte for 2 weeks and then you will send it off to the next participant. The Butte can ship to the first person signing up tomorrow. I hope to hear from you soon! Todd
  7. Hi Guys, Good to see some familiar names that I can put faces to! We are really excited with the Apex lineup and will be announcing one more for sale soon - The Butte. It will be around $500 and help beginners get into high end. I hope to be participating here. As most of you know I am a one man outfit but I hope to be here from time to time hopefully contributing to the conversations. I look forward to hanging with some old friends here! Todd
  8. HI All, Both Pete and I have been hard at work creating new products for the high end headphone listener. Our newest creation is the Apex High Fi Audio Arête. The Arête uses a single ended discreet JFET gain stage and the same MOSFET output stage as our Peak. It serves as both a headphone amplifier and a preamplifier. The Arête is $1095 and comes with an external switching power supply and can be upgraded with our Volcano power supply! Save $50 if you order the Arête and Volcano together (the switching supply is not provided in this package) or upgrade to the Volcano later for $750. Both power supplies operate 110v - 240v, 50Hz to 60Hz The Arête is now in production and orders are being taken. The first amps will be shipping in 1-2 weeks. Get in line and order one of these great new amps now!
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