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  1. I do think electrostatics have a long way to go before we see anything resembling complete maturity.  The issue is that very few are attempting TOTL units or any real improvements to the tech.  Most are just a play on different tech already out there and with some hyperbole attached.  The Hifiman units did nothing new, ditto on the Voce and the HE1 uses pretty much identical drivers to the HE90 but with that silly amp design. 

    I also agree that going any thinner on the diaphragms will just cause issues with stability with zero gains.  Stax figured that out in the 90's but seem to have forgotten it again...  😉



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  2. It is very much a rehash of older designs and nothing unique there.  The "special bias supply" also doesn't hold a lot of water but good for them to get somebody to give them a patent on something nobody cares about. 

    In terms of performance this is worse than the new SRM-400S for a lot more...and the 400S is a pretty crummy amplifier.  A huge step back for Stax in performance. 

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  3. There has only ever been one MRI designed electrostatic that I know of, the Koss ESP900 which is just a 950 with a closed housing.  I've heard that HE60's were used for this but never seen anything in the flesh, plus the HE60 headband is magnetic (plus the screws) so something had to be done about that. 

    The MRI's I've been in all had sound pipes for the audio, simple tubes with the transducers elsewhere and sounded terrible. 

    The Voce and the Hifiman units were indeed unfortunate.  The Voce is well built but sounds like crap (electrostatics are all about that vague sound and loose, uncontrolled bass... ;)) plus that stupid case they insisted on shipping with them.  Now the Hifiman Shangr-la jr. sounded good but that build quality and silly price makes it a solid miss. 

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  4. I should be getting one of these to try out soon and can't wait.  It wasn't fun sitting out the press embargo...  😉  I would take those measurements with bags of salt given the amps used and the people doing the testing. 

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  5. I'm not sure what those things are but they are sure as shit not Megatron's.  Looks more like a SRX with some version of the Megatron output stage... This is why Kevin and I try to expose these fuckers as they are literally running away with peoples money. 

    On a similar note, I have another amp from JR Audio here now and well... stay put for another horror story.  That thing lasted for a few days before the PSU blew up... a sloppy clone of one of my old PSU's BTW. 

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  6. No, not at all.  The 500t is more similar to the 600ltd amp with presumably a bit lower rail voltages but still the same circuit as the T1. 

    I have a 700t here and it is terrible in stock form, just awful.  Utterly lifeless but adding a CCS really transforms the thing into something decent. 

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