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  1. Sounds good. Now I just need to find a nice tube amp for speakers to run with it.
  2. Has there been any work on this lately? I really want to do this one.
  3. Thanks Tran. That webpage with all the information is just what I needed.
  4. What is the power supply for the Squarewave? Nothing complicated I suppose. Looks like a nice little "cheap" amp.
  5. I missed this completely. I've been concentrating on other things for the past month. I guess I have to wait until next time for a Krell board. As mentioned above, is there any information anywher about the Square Wave?
  6. ^^ My priorities have changed lately and I have not been listening with headphones much at all.
  7. ^^^ That Sucks!!! I could see me ending up in a bad accident if that ever happened.
  8. After reading what pigmode wrote, I realized that I needed to step back and think about it. That and my wife made the comment that I was hesitant enough with the decision that she did not think it was exactly what I was looking for. It was damn close but just not it. I'm looking for a comfortable saddle next week while on vacation so that I can enjoy the riding a little more when I get back.
  9. As much as it pained me to do so, I decided not to get the Firefly. I really wanted it but after multiple measurements and checking several fit calculators it was not as close as I had originally thought. I'm going to keep riding the Orbea and work more on losing the weight right now. I've told my wife that what I really want is a Kirk that is made just for me. It will cost a little more but I will get exactly what I want.
  10. Very cool looking case Tran. I have decided to sell my T2 boards if anyone is interested. They will be listed in the sale forum shortly.
  11. It looks blue from the pics. I will not do anything until I can get a good look in person.
  12. Brent, it does not come with the headset which is fine with me. I would prefer something other than red. Vicki, remind me again about that motto. I know that I heard "sorry about your wallet" a lot when I joined head-fi and it was true. To be honest I have spent way more on fountain pens in the past couple of years than anything else. I do have a rather nce collection though.
  13. After talking with the wife she gave me the okay to get this. What do you guys think? I measured my current bike and compared the numbers. They are almost the same except this has a taller head tube and less drop. That is exactly what I need right now. I cut some wood blocks and held them against the bars to simulate the difference that other day and it was almost perfect. It will take a little time to do the full build up but that would be okay with me.
  14. I have noticed as I get older my tastes are changing. I figured you guys would understand. Pick your poison is definitely right. Yesterday I spent almost $5K to sign up for an IT(CEH) boot camp during my vacation. I would have never done that a couple of years ago. Priorities change.
  15. This being a headphone forum, I thought I would ask if it is acceptable to sell my primary rig, Beta22 and LCD2, to fund a bike frame/fork purchase. There are three frames fro sale on paceline that I would love to have. A Speedvagon, Kirk, and Firefly all with measurements that are damn near perfect for me. I would only be able to pick one of the three which would be hard enough to do.
  16. That does not sound like much fun at all Vicki.
  17. Looks nice Birgir. I like that it can be unbalanced or balanced in. That makes source choice a lot easier. The fact that parts are actually available is a plus too.
  18. Nice ride Brent. Looks like fun. I have not loaded my last couple of rides but here is one of my usual routes. The wind was about normal for this time of year here at 17mph. http://connect.garmin.com/activity/299031774 One day I will figure out how to post the screenshot like Nate does.
  19. The more I read about Dave Kirk, the more I want one of his bikes. Just sounds like a good guy. I am now just waiting for my new wheels. I decided to go with Brent's friend Troy for the build. He has come up with a cool, at least I think so, solution to the weight the wheels have to carry. I will post pics when they get here next week.
  20. I'm with raffy, heat over wind any day. Of coarse, living here I get both at the same time. Yesterday it was steady 20-25mph winds. I did not get in any riding this past week. I'm going to try and make up for it this week though.
  21. I really wish I lived in the states close to any of you guys. The rides you guys are posting about sound like a lot of fun. I have not riden all week due to work and getting things in order for my wife's return from a 3 week business trip. Also the wind here has been terrible. 18-20 steady with gusts to 29-30 all day every day last week. It will be like this for the next couple of weeks here. Makes for a fun boat ride to and from work though.
  22. Tube, Portable, and Stax are three words that I nvever thought would be in the same sentence. Can't wait to see this one.
  23. ^^^Are you referring to me? I would love to have it but the 59 tt is a deal breaker for me and I actually like the yellow. My Orbea has a 52 st and 57 tt. I've got a 70mm stem on it now and am comfortable. I'm playing the saddle switch game right now. I'm going to get measured while on vacation next month. Hopefully that will help.
  24. Nate definitely has first dibs. I just went out and measured my frame and I think that 59 is just a little bigger than what I would like. I'm riding a 57 right now. Beautiful bike none the less. It should make someone very happy.
  25. If Nate's not interested I might be. Depends on price.
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