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  1. I was lucky enough to get a set of boards from lil knight. I have been trying to get all the orders ready for the hard to get parts for this amp. Right now bdent.com has all but the 2sk246gr. I found some on ebay but after reading through the thread am not sure whether they are real or fake. A lot of the parts have gone way up in price and I understand that since most of these things are now obsolete. The current pricing from bdent is 2sa1486 $3.52 2sk216 $5.69 2sc3675 $7.12 2sc3381 $17.75 2sj79 $8.82 Are there better prices out there? If this is what I have to pay, okay. But if there are more reasonable prices out there I'm having a hard time finding them and knowing that the parts are real. Thanks for any help guys.
  2. I know that your heat sinks would be expensive but I would be willing to pay for them even in unfinished form. I have the ability to drill and tap holes and can send them out for the finish I would like. Also, as mentioned above, RK50 would be nice.
  3. http://www.techthefuture.com/technology/swarm-of-quadrotors-performs-awesome-laser-show-video/ I saw this today and thought I would share it. I think it is pretty cool. The second video is of them doing the James Bond theme and is just as cool.
  4. I just finished reading through this thread and want to build one of these. I will definitely be on the lookout for the boards when they become available. Thank you KG.
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