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  1. I have the same model original C5 as the one in this picture. I've worn it every day to work for the past 5 years; no regrets.
  2. The response a page back indicates that the 50V 4.7uf caps will be OK.
  3. Cheers. Do you have a cost on the TX?
  4. The comments on the previous page regarding Webber going to Ferrari turns out to be truer than we knew. Apparently, Mark was in discussion with Ferrari, but they couldn't make the deal work - shame really And, on Massa related news, during today's broadcast for the Suzuka race, Tom Clarkson from the BBC made the comment that Massa brings quite a bit of money with him, and - perhaps more importantly - he is Brazilian. Brazil has the largest F1 TV audience. So in Clakson's words, "Burnie needs a Brazilian driver". Well, that explains that issue. Barrichello was linked to Sauber, but it seems
  5. My zener power supply is up and running and temporarily cased. I couldn't find a 27V transformer so I've used a 25V one, which results in an output voltage of the power supply at ~20.5v. Is using a 25v transformer a problem?
  6. Almost finished the amp, and waiting on a Mouser order for P/S parts.
  7. Thanks, Kevin. I think we also need 4 x 0.1uf film capacitors (80-R82EC3100DQ70J)
  8. I can't see anything missing from the BOM. The counts seem fine, except for the caps as you pointed out.
  9. Agree. I think great tracks such as Spa, Monza, Silverstone, Suzuka all stand so much prouder against the undoubtedly fast but often boring Herman Tilke tracks of the modern era. And, in other news, Red Bull has finally announced Ricciardo as Webber's replacement. I don't mind being wrong when there are no bad options. It would have been great to see Kimi square up to Vettel, but from my perspective another Aussie in a Red Bull is terrific. http://www.formula1.com/news/headlines/2013/9/14927.html
  10. Boards arrived in Australia. Thanks, Tran.
  11. Spa is one of my favourites as well. Qualifying was very interesting. With rain expected for the race, we should be in for some excitement.
  12. Absolutely. There's no way you should be out of pocket on this GB. It should go without saying that I'll pay any additional freight I owe, as a minimum, and I'm happy to chip in extra if needed.
  13. If Kimi is out of the picture, does that leave Daniel to replace Mark? Or does anyone think there is an option C?
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