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  1. Coming up May 16th,..
  2. Happy Birthday Ryan!
  3. RIP J Demme! What a great and influential filmmaker.
  4. I guess this program has been around a long time but tonight was my first time seeing Craft in America. If the rest are as good as the "Nature" episode, I've got a lot of inspiring shows to watch!
  5. Heard the reel to reel tape release of those Oscar Peterson recording in a friend's mastering room. Sounds amazing!
  6. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for tonight's opening episode of this season's Fargo! I've loved the previous seasons. The show has attracted some great actors, Billy Bob Thornton, Marin Freeman, Colin Hanks or season 2; Patrick Wilson, Ted Danson, Kirsten Dunst and this season; Ewan McGregor x 2, Carrie Coon, and my current heart throb, Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I can't wait to see what the Coen's will produce.
  7. What a great picture Greg (?). The trouble you get into without Joanne to keep an eye on you! Yahoo!
  8. RIP Allan Holdsworth! What an amazing musical talent to have died so early.
  9. Wow! Bahrain was another great race. Lots of action in all sections of the pack. I was glad to see Renault getting it together after so many seasons of funding woes. And it should be interesting to see the improvements to Red Bull in Espana. At least they seem to have high hopes for the package they say they'll have waiting for them there. Now, if Sauber could get a big sponsor most of the issues brought on by the Great Recession will be behind them (except for Manor of course). I was delighted to see everyone so supportive of Alonzo's decision to race in Indy. In the year that saw the death of John Surtees I think that the opening of driver opportunities like this is appropriate.
  10. Happy Birthday Jeffy! Enjoy!
  11. Thinking jp needs some bunny ears or some other Easter themed humiliation. Who cares how the coffee tastes. We need to be entertained.
  12. That's some cool news about Alonzo. I'd love to see him in Le Mans too! I wish I hadn't been so wrong about Honda's F1 engine development but I can't believe that McLaren will suffer through another full season with them. Even though I love the new car width, it's going to make Monaco even harder to overtake.
  13. Bummer. I wonder who's gonna cover the warranty on the 7 Toshiba HD drives that are currently in rotation in my system?
  14. I totally agree. The only thing that reminds me that Avast is installed is once a month or so I get a notification that an update has been installed. For all I know, nothing is being installed as I blissfully go on about my way. That's the way I like it!
  15. Well said Adam. So, can we get back to what we're good at here,.. spending money!