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  1. A slightly de-tuned version of that processor is what is in my 2019 iMac. Takes everything I've thrown at it without a sweat so far. Other than the CalDigit dock, I only use tb2 with a Blackmagic Multidock. I rarely do video work so I don't really need much speed (sata 3 is fine).
  2. Amazing and wonderful!
  3. Looks awesome! What kind of leveling feet do you use?
  4. Once you decide to make the leap to actual hardware check out Christian's series "Modular Mondays". It kinda slowed during Covid but still has popped up with a video here and there in 2020. Christian's my fav YouTube buddy (communicating through the video comments and my contributions to his companies checkout cart) and I look forward to all his videos. PianoBook is well worth becoming familiar with too (sample instruments are more of what I'm about).
  5. Be sure and check out their community forum. It looks like it's pretty active. https://community.vcvrack.com/ Dusty, nope. At first glance, they seem very similar. I'm sure there's some comparisons on the web somewhere though. Another modular site that seems pretty popular (with folks who actually know something unlike myself) is Muff Wiggler. https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/
  6. Made my piddly ass donation for Giving Tuesday to Feeding America. https://www.feedingamerica.org/
  7. Me also! I think Chris Rock really kicked some acting ass in the finale. That half smile and the twinkle in his eye and I was right there with him, bathing in the glow of the American Dream. Another triumph and high point for the small screen (great score by Russo-FOTM). Speaking of Jeff Russo, you might try CBS All Access for Star Trek Discovery/Piccard Dusty. That's next up in my show binges. I rotate my "extra's" , Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Hulu, Acorn, Prime/Masterpiece and now CBS, Disney, and Apple. It's only me, so there no conflict and I only k
  8. I'm not into Eurorack, but I did fool around with the one we had at college. You should check out VCV Rack. It's billed as a eurorack simulator. You can build and patch virtual modules which are designed by the guys that make the real modules. Lots of the modules are free and the paid ones are cheap (after all, they want you to buy the real things). Plenty of YT tutorial videos too. https://vcvrack.com/
  9. The more you look at the replays of his escape, the more you realize how many lucky breaks led to his survival. On Grosjean's YT page there is a picture of him smiling from his hospital bed. I called him The Miracle Baby in the comments.
  10. Western Electric 46-A theater amplifier in 707-A Control Rack. Collecting WE theater gear is as expensive as this hobby gets. BTW, I have files on WE data. If anyone is interested I'll upload it and make it available.
  11. I got the Apple adapter (after a cheap one crapped out) to attach my Blackmagic Multidock TB2 with my 2019 iMac. It works fine with the Multidock but YMWV. If you have issues installing the Apogee software, try resetting CoreAudio in Terminal.
  12. I was one of those idiots who hated the halos when they were proposed. Now I love them! A major reality check for F1.
  13. I wasn't even sure if Electrocomplient were still producing gear until this post. Looks nice!
  14. You should be able to do a "dongle to dongle" dongle train. https://www.gearslutz.com/board/music-computers/1261576-tbolt-3-fw-really-no-docks-will-do.html#post13932221 I would wonder if the drivers/firmware are Big Sur compliant (contact Apogee or check their web site for the latest). I've got a firewire 400 Metric Halo that I use for location work. I have a 2012 MBP that I use with an external FW800 drive with a usb dock built in. That uses the only FW800 port. So the Metric Halo is connected to the Thunderbolt 1>Firewire800>Firewire400 (2 dongles). The
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