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  1. That is a beautiful snake. I've always thought that snakes got a bad rep from the Adam and Eve thing. I attribute some of my own unreasonable fear of them to the story that got drummed into my head in bible school.
  2. Yeah Baku! A scary devil of a course and I'm so glad that it wasn't one of those one time venues. That was not lacking in drama! And I agree, Vettel has reverted to his early immature ways. I'd hoped that it was behind him but obviously not. Of course, I aways thought that Schumacher and Senna were assholes too. Congrats to Stroll and Daniel! Awesome stuff!
  3. Should have mentioned, wifi connection and SpeakEasy says download- 239.59, up-12.26
  4. Anybody have issues when using an external monitor with a MacBook Pro? I'm moving so my Mac Pro is in storage for a couple of months. In the meantime, I'm using my mid 2012 quad core 15" MBP. I installed the max 16G of memory and a 1T Evo 850. I'm using a Thunderbolt2/mini display to DVI cable to my aging Asus PA248 monitor. When I watch streaming videos for a while (over an hour usually since my TV is in storage too) my browser freezes. Spinning beachball. This happens with Chrome, Chrome Canary and Safari so I don't think it's a problem with the browser (of course it could be). I've tried restarting the browser, clearing the memory (Memory Clean) but I have to restart the computer to get things going again. This was all in Clamshell mode (lid closed on the MBP while using a usb keyboard and bluetooth magic mouse). Crazy as it seems (to me at least) when I use this setup with the lid on the MBP open with the second screen active, no Freeze! Before I discovered that, I was guessing that it was a GPU issue but now I'm not so sure. Just to complicate this issue, I've also got a number of outboard gears connected. 1. Firewire 800 connected to a powered external drive (OWC Mercury Elite Pro) with a 2T Evo 850 (my sample library). 2. The above drive enclosure is daisy chained to Firewire 400 to my Metric Halo ULN-2 (to monitors/headphones/mics) 3.Powered USB hub with my iLok and eLicencer (euro version of the iLok) and my Novation Impulse keyboard 4.The usb hub on my Asus monitor has my Apple full keyboard, a Korg microKey mini keyboard and a PreSonus Faderport control surface. Before you ask, I've tried disconnecting all of these but this freezing issue occurs with just the MBP and Asus monitor (but I haven't done extensive tests yet).
  5. I loved that too! I amazes me how the Coen's "slow fall of dominos" keeps me glued to the story and characters. Sometimes I wonder if it's an experiment in pacing that we're all subjects in. And you never know how or where the main characters will evolve into but I loved all the main's this season. More, more, more (speaking of which, the show has had me searching for long forgotten hits time after time)!
  6. Happy Birthday buddy! I hope life is particularly good to you and you have an awesome day! And don't be such a fuckin' stranger around here.
  7. Happy Birthday Kerry! (and fathers day while we're at it) All you can eat sushi sounds like a challenge.
  8. Yup. They're all tucked away in boxes and waiting for a new home.
  9. This is a timely thread for me too so thanks Posty! I've just sold my duplex in San Jose and I'm heading up to Oregon. I don't have a ton of money (it was a 50/50 split with my sister for the duplex) but I will have enough to buy a small house or plenty for a condo/townhouse. Just like Posty, I was wondering about the noise from and to the neighbors and other "hidden" issues of living one of these. So thanks to all who've posted. These first hand account are fantastic!
  10. Seconded! I wasted lots of time with earlier display apps until Duet finally got it right. Big Lemur fan for some Mac app linking too.
  11. I'm basing my opinions on my 2012 MacBook Pro and I've only played with the current model at the store. If you were happy with your Air (when it was new at least), I'd follow Adam's advice. After all, he's the only one here that has a shiny new 2017 MBP.
  12. I always just get the fastest processor and max out the RAM. The only reason I wouldn't is if I couldn't afford it.
  13. You are one lucky guy G man! Joanne is such a gem. I have admired her from afar (and you're welcome to tell her so).
  14. No. Supernatural has a few good features like it's sense of humor and respect for history.
  15. Yeah but man, it had heart!