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  1. Happy Birthday buddy!
  2. Awesome Mike! Congrats to the Baker clan!
  3. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day.
  4. RIP John Surtees! They don't make em like that anymore!
  5. This video performance was in a class module on media copyright law.
  6. I've got that one too Jon. I bought it on the recommendation that it's the best produced videos of 'Trane. Since then, I've seen a ton of them and this is far and away the best. Enjoy!
  7. This weekend starts the 2017 edition of SXSW. As usual, an unbelievable number of cool stuff. So I'm always thankful for NPR doing their "Austin 100". A bin of 100 mp3's from artists that will perform at the festival. Some of these have horrid SQ but it gives you a heads up before the live streaming begins.
  8. Happy Birthday Bonnie!
  9. If you daughter is a good 21st century gal, she should have an ios device. If so, she will be able to sync with her iCloud account and probably get back Contacts and maybe more.
  10. Happy Birthday Nate! Looks like it was a winter wonderland.
  11. Happy Belated Birthday Craig! Hope you had a great day.
  12. Also reliving those memories,.. It was just a few years later, I was at a large teaching hospital (Stanford) and there was a lot of interest in what was going on in one of the rooms on the floor I was working. When I went to check out what was going on, the room had a number of doctors, journalists and medical students crowded around a jovial patient and his partner. He was all smiles as photos were being taken while shaking hands with one of the doc's. Turns out, he was one of the first to receive the AIDS Cocktail and was living proof of it's effectiveness. He was fat and happy and tears rolled down most of our faces!
  13. RIP Horace Parlan!
  14. I was doing some temp work in a small hospital back in the early days and we had one patient on the floor who had AIDS. He was lucky that there were friends there 24/7 to keep him company. His family loved him but were too afraid to visit so they would call him once a day. The other nurses were very professional but you could tell that they were also afraid. The patient was more afraid than anyone though. I can't remember ever seeing someone who was falling into such a deep depression. I used to have to collect myself every time I left his room.