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  1. RIP Ellis! A sad day for NOLA! RIP Krzysztof Penderecki. A composer who was ahead of the curve. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/29/arts/music/krzysztof-penderecki-dead.html
  2. The F1 teams have applied their prodigious technical and manufacturing potential to help with one of the major issues with saving critical Covid19 patients. And if there is one thing these guys can do, it's produce flawless designs and get them where they're needed in a hurry! https://www.espn.com/f1/story/_/id/28969505/mercedes-f1-team-helps-create-breathing-aid-coronavirus-patients
  3. Since most of you guys get spam from B&H, you may have seen this already. I've always had a soft spot for hand tinted B&W prints. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/explora/photography/tips-and-solutions/the-basics-of-hand-coloring-black-and-white-prints?utm_medium=Email 1797793&utm_campaign=NewAnnouncement&utm_source=Sony 200329&utm_content=Explora&utm_termthe-basics-of-hand-coloring-black-and-white-prints&encEmail=392EFBEF032A174BD730E95F7FF555745353D0A4B904733EC47809058F0E1AC4
  4. I think Document and Life's Rich,.. were my favorites until I went to their 1995 concert. Then Monster took the lead (naturally).
  5. First saw Lage with Eric Harland's band Voyager and he blew me away. I stubbled across this while eating lunch today and thought I'd share it. After looking at the number of hits this video has, you may have seen it already!
  6. Season 3 of The Sinner. As usual, this show has my stomach tied in knots! And even though Pullman could use a little restraint in his portrayal of the anguished police detective, this is probably my fav show right now. I do miss seeing Carie Coon and that spooky lookin kid from season 2 though.
  7. This very cool video brought back memories of my buddies brother playing us a weird double album with terrible sound and the worst graphics I'd ever seen. "Quinn the Eskimo" was the only track I remember.
  8. Hey Knucks, I've worked on a few 5050's and they usually don't take very much work to get running pretty well. You might want to check out some of the threads on the Tape Project forum (particularly the Guides above the General Forum) although a lot of the links are broken these days. https://forum.tapeproject.com/ Feel free to PM me with any questions.
  9. If you're isolated by choice or by mandate, you might be in search of a low latency, high quality way to collaborate, or mix/master remotely, this is the best I've heard of (so far). BTW, Ian Sheppard has been a trusted online audio pro for years (I took his online mastering course a while back) and his Production Advice site has a wealth of (non hyped) info. Edit- Don't expect to be able to "jam live" over the internet. There is too much latency for that IMHO.
  10. In December/January I took a deep dive into rhythmic layering. And every composition is a learning experience for me (forever?) so this one had 13 tracks of percussion (total of about 45).
  11. Here's the latest offering from the fertile drives of my iMac Hmm, soundcloud cut out the first second or so?
  12. Anyone interested in a large format film camera, here's a Crown Graphix for auction. https://www.proxibid.com/Estate-Personal-Property/Music/Crown-graphix-special-camera-with-schneider-lens/lotInformation/53166234
  13. We got a touch of late season snow up here in Or too. Scary to see how close those are to your pad!
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