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  1. Yup,.. I don't eat candy much but I love getting these unexpected treats once in a blue moon. Reminds me of Halloweeeeenie! (a different Steve)
  2. Happy Birthday Jim!
  3. I have some sweets coming my way next week too!!! You should give those Indiana boys a call. That or contact UAD direct. Super nice guys over there in Scotts Valley. Universal is a small shop with just a few guys outside of the assembly area. They have one of the most awesome collections of vintage gear since they need the real thing to model most of their plugins. A gorgeous Live Room for recording and testing too (they make some killer empanadas too!). Got to spend the evening there on an AES event. This video was shot there about the same time I vi
  4. Terrible news Jeff! My thoughts are with you buddy
  5. Looks like you've lost a few lbs since the last time I saw you Ric (except around the chest maybe?)!
  6. RIP RBG What an inspiration and blessing to follow her career!
  7. You'd be surprised how much most bands/musicians know about recording and preferences these days. Most are experienced with some sort of recording/production software/hardware.
  8. Still off the charts in my area (Eugene Or). Not much ash falling now and we should be getting much better by Thursday.
  9. Dan's questions are great. The bottom line depends a lot on the situation. Do the players "know" what they are looking for? In other words, do they have experience in a studio/recording environment. If so, like Sherwood said, you should listen to what they want. The classes I took on recording were great. We'd take a instrument like drums, and the teacher would show us a couple of well known mic set ups (and mic choices for each position) and talk about where each mic type might be placed. Then we would listen to what that sounds like, move each mic around, then swi
  10. Finished my latest composition.
  11. RIP Diana I for one was totally in love with her and dreamed of a Lotus Elan just because of her.
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