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  1. Thanks for the tip mjb. Unfortunately, I never saw any yellow ! marks next to the usb ports. I haven't gone back to check up and see what the deal is. I'll give it a whirl tomorrow probably.
  2. So I re-imaged my PC a week ago with a custom XP image with SP3 and everything works beautifully, but my usb ports are acting funny. So far, only one of the usb ports in the back seem to see my iriver H140 and H320 as well as my wife's ipod nano without any errors and run full speed 2.0. If I plug them into any other port (4 total in the back, 2 in the front) XP will come up with a message that the device is unknown (ie. I need to install a device driver) or that it could run faster if I upgraded my ports to USB 2.0 high speed (in the latter case I can access my mp3 players, but I ain't wai
  3. gloco


    Read this and tell me if we should even waste our time discussing it: This is a cut from his entire post that mentioned JFK directly 2 pages back: "He reminds be of another bright shining beacon elected for his charisma who got us into vietnam, the bay of pigs, the cuban missile crisis, and who was then assassinated." Do we really need to discuss this nonsense? This post comes off as a trolling effort on his part.
  4. gloco


    I was referring to grawk's post above.... Hellbent on denouncing? Ok, when I see someone post irrational drivel (again, read grawk's post above re: JFK and tell me if you think he's not off the deep end) I plan on taking them on. Whats the matter, you audiophiles have thin skin?
  5. gloco


    Good point! This is one of my biggest beefs with politicians who keep bringing this stuff up. How about fixing the things that really affect us? Gay marriage and abortion has no bearing on my life whatsoever. The economy, healthcare, education, the war in Iraq are far more important and pressing issues.
  6. gloco


    Yeah, I'm dead serious. Did you read about people chanting "He's a nigger" at a Palin rally? Yeah, I thought so.... Daily Kos: Updated:Obama called a n***** at Palin Rally in Iowa? You Decided.(w/poll) Bow out? Ha! Is that you're way of saying you have nothing substantial to add?
  7. gloco


    Unfortunately, that's how they are. Irrational isn't even the word, its like that's how their parents raised them which is scarier when they have kids.
  8. gloco


    Liking Jazz music doesn't make you a friend of Blacks. If you think it does... Its beyond me how American citizens cannot see that McCain winning the election would have given us four more years of failed republican leadership. It's about time we got the right guy in office to steer the ship back on course. I believe in a president that represents all of us instead of the religious reich/conservative base (ie. the racists, homophobes and fear mongers) who have run America into the ground.
  9. gloco


    What history book have you been reading? Seriously, there are some really dumb responses in here. Why is it that being a republican and a conservative inclusive with being irrational and ignorant of the facts?
  10. gloco


    Indeed. Most Americans will embrace him. The haters are the closet racists and general cynics who wish to shit on every one.
  11. Nice, really good price for 20mb package. I get 8/2 or sometimes 10/2 with optimum online.
  12. I owned two of these thanks to the $45 SS sell-off on ebay a few years ago. A while ago I put them up for sale on head-fi and some guy outta nowhere offered me $250 each without argument, naturally I jumped at the offer and I couldn't believe it when I got the money. Some dumb people out there. Oh yeah, no, the D-25S is not worth it imho. It's an average player with a wonderful metallic sound that will fatigue your ears out pretty quickly. It's beyond me why anyone would pay more than the SS price for this unit. Head-fi FOTM strikes again!
  13. I'm assuming you meant banlist.nl, right?
  14. I rarely host since I don't have a ck or ping...have any clue where I can get those programs? I had 2-3 solid games this weekend. I should start a clan with the good players to have some good, consistent matches.
  15. lol, ok, you got me there, I should've added in a smiley...I imagine your a very good player as you are in dota. Yeah, as for dota, it doesn't bother me when newbs start and ask for help, thats cool. What irritates me (and I should have expanded on this) are players who intentionally feed then leave. This happens way too often, they go 0-10 then get ck or just pp. Total ruins the game. I think I need to join a clan, I don't care if I win or lose, I just want a good game of strategy to put my mind to work instead of the bs that often occurs in a pub game.
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