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  1. I guess we'll just blame it on Brent.
  2. The snake format still applies as though you actually had/made a pick in round 1.
  3. For this league, if you select a keeper, you forfeit your 1st round pick. On that note, my phone is currently out of commission, so I may have to setup the bot to make sure I don't end up with 3 kickers.
  4. I should be good to go this Sunday. I think.
  5. ^ Which reminds me that I never got around to buying one. Which paint job is that? I'm really not looking forward to re-learning the controls.
  6. I don't think they'll kill it it, but I'm not hopeful they'll leave it alone/make it better either since they're supposedly merging Yahoo with AOL.
  7. Verizon buys Yahoo $4.83B, marking end of an era. I guess I should start looking at other photo-hosting service.
  8. Blueberry pie, with blueberries we picked yesterday. It will be consumed withe some ice cream after dinner.
  9. ^ You should also be getting the updated, (slightly) less microphonic cable. I kept meaning to send my pair in for the new cable, but never got around to it.
  10. Actually in stock right now. Very tempting.
  11. Well, they just signed a 32-year-old forward to a 5-year contract at $6M annually. Weren't they looking to get younger/faster? Shouldn't be surprised as this is the same group of people (minus Chiarelli now) that traded Seguin and Hamilton for peanuts.
  12. Unfortunately, not much of a deal for out-of-warranty ER4 (especially when you factor in the shipping cost to/from Etymotics). I think I'll wait for the price on ER4SR/XR to come down and just keep my ER4S as a backup.
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