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  1. That Irish supplier you linked to is a guaranteed fake. And it is pretty doubtful that the input FETs are bad to begin with. JFETs aren't particularly static sensitive. Unless they've been abused in some fashion, I don't think these are the problem. The 2SK389s could be replaced by pairs of Linear Systems LSK170s. I'm not sure if LSK389s are available, but certainly not in the Toshiba 7-pin package type.

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  2. 9 hours ago, Voltron said:

    I swear to god that HairyCunt's post was different when I responded but there's no "edited" reference. Weird

    Agreed. Current post is completely different from the one I remember (as blessingx points out). Strange.

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  3. 2 hours ago, voja said:

    There is no point in sharing an opinion if you are going to have someone push yours away just because you published your impressions to a website and have no technical background. What's next? You will not listen to someone because they are not a measurement microphone? Sound like heavy bias to me, and that's something that I have no interest in. Everyone should be free to share their opinion and have a healthy debate or disagreement...

    There are opinions and then there are technical facts. Spritzer used plenty of safe design practices facts (non-earthed chassis panels, improperly spec'd connectors, non-isolated bias close to (non-earthed) panels, etc.). Terming these as "opinions" is disingenuous.

    The more you argue, the more it appears you have a real hard on for this company, and are acting as a shill.

  4. Any of you watching the new series on Apple TV, Slow Horses? Gary Oldman stars, about a slow witted bunch of MI5 agents in Britain. Pretty good. I think the first 3 episodes are out now.

    We finished watching the Night Manager and enjoyed that. Though we (my wife) loves Hugh Laurie (House).


    Slow Horses - Episodes & Images - Apple TV+ Press


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  5. Bought a restored Thorens TD320 Mk ii from a shop in Denmark. I liked my original Mk i, but wanted the better arm. I'm installing a Grace F9e with SS stylus on it. Might not be the best match, but will see.


    Photo Apr 01, 6 18 38 PM.jpg


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