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  1. I bought a trendnet USB-RS232 from amazon, it works well with soekris's R2R. With new firmware and NOS filter, Ive be able to do all the conversion and upsampling with my HQplayer. The bass is back although still not quite perfect. Also running in NOS reflects filter changes in HQplayer very well.
  2. What kind USB RS232 did you use? Mine from adafruit doesnt seem to get the job done right.
  3. Got mine running yesterday with xmos usb-i2s, sslv +/- 12 PSU and stock firmware (still waiting for my usb-serial to arrive). My first impression is this DAC has really clear sound, decent treble and mid. Yet the soundstage isn't very deep and the bass is not adequate. My comparison is based on the same amp and headphone and comparing r2r to my forssell mdac-2
  4. I have ordered mine yesterday. 0.02% version. It seems to be a good fit for my office rig.
  5. another chassis I was considering: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Class-classis-aluminum-chassis-430-150-310-radiator-can-separate-box-new-/251761309403?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a9e24b6db
  6. looks like my 2sc2705/2sa1145 are good enough, Ill get another batch of 2sc3421 for better match. Also Im planning to use diyaudio 4U case, would you mind to share your design after you ve finished? Thanks
  7. transistor matching questions: Are 2sc2705 and 2sc1145 the only pair I have to match between NPN and PNP? And I only need to match NPN to NPN and PNP to PNP for others. Also, how close should i match the Hfe of 2sc3421 and 2sa1358? Thanks.
  8. enough current too much voltage?
  9. can this amp used to drive taket h2+?
  10. I'd like to piggypiggyback for two pairs.
  11. lil knight contacted me today. We are working on the problem.
  12. Me? yes We talked via PM to figure out the stock, the shipping to US and the total amount.
  13. Sent my money in Nov 11 for one set of ksa 5. No news after that.
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