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  1. FFS Kevin, I just got my "normal" CFA2 boards delivered earlier this week and now you come up with a new version?
  2. Technical Assistance/Advice Thread

    I normally solder one of the outer legs on its pad while holding the transistor with tweezers - then it's easier to correct the alignment on the pads if something's wrong. Then I solder the other legs manually and lastly I solder the tab to the pad for good thermal contact. The hot air gun is probably easier, but this works well for me.
  3. I'm not actually sure I'll have any spares - have a couple of local people interested as well. In any case it hardly seems worth it because these boards are small enough that they can be squeezed in under e.g. Itead's 10x10 cm size limit which means you can get 10 boards for $20 excl. shipping. There are several other cheap options as well for boards this size, e.g. Seed Studio etc. So if you are happy with "standard" quality boards and willing to wait a little then it's probably cheaper and easier to order yourself
  4. That was actually what I was thinking as well (got boards on order) . The 20W IRMs are the same size as the 15W modules by the way and they should be fine for SE. For BAL the 30W ones might be needed but they aren't much bigger. //UFN
  5. Maybe ask them, because they are an official LS distributor so they should be able to get the whole range? //UFN
  6. If you're in the EU you should be able to buy from Micross in the UK https://shop.micross.com/products.aspx?i=14 - shipping cost is still a bit steep but not as bad as from Trendsetter. //UFN
  7. That's a very neat idea! Would allow for a bit of experimentation to see how the JFETs change the sound of an existing amp I guess. Would you mind sharing artwork or schematics? //UFN
  8. Very nice work Also pretty much the same mechanical layout as I was contemplating for my Dynahi (if I ever get round to finishing it...), so nice to see it works in practice //UFN
  9. grounded grid

    This - obviously //UFN
  10. What Are You Building Today

    Not bad. Which drivers are you using? //UFN
  11. What Are You Building Today

    Looks like a good start //UFN
  12. Closed - Megatron and GRHV PCB GB

    The difference in voltage is only app. 7%. If you look at other transformer specs you'll see that this is perfectly normal for a 300VA toroidal, so it should be absolutely nothing to worry about //UFN
  13. Balanced to unbalanced board

    Consider using jumpers (i.e. 2x3 header) instead of the DIP switch to set the I2C address?. It should be a bit smaller and once you set the address I doubt it's going to change, so jumpers should be fine //UFN
  14. I think you should offer 100% discount for this guy //UFN