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  1. The difference in voltage is only app. 7%. If you look at other transformer specs you'll see that this is perfectly normal for a 300VA toroidal, so it should be absolutely nothing to worry about //UFN
  2. Consider using jumpers (i.e. 2x3 header) instead of the DIP switch to set the I2C address?. It should be a bit smaller and once you set the address I doubt it's going to change, so jumpers should be fine //UFN
  3. I think you should offer 100% discount for this guy //UFN
  4. So he wants a 45% discount in exchange for publicity that he is not guaranteeing will be good? You clearly missed a bargain there Spritzer //UFN
  5. FWIW I just made an adapter cable (polarity-reverser) with a male and a female DC jack + 4" of wire for my SRM-252. Everything can remain stock in that case and I can switch PSUs between different products without problems (as long as I read the labels ) //UFN
  6. Let us know what you think when you get them then //UFN
  7. Heh, OK - as accidents go I think it's a happy one //UFN
  8. That looks fabulous - and I love the color! How did you get that finish, because the cases look like the eBay-ones that are normally silver? //UFN
  9. I bought some precision wire strippers from Engineer on my last trip to Japan. Not really cheap, but excellent quality and they have no problems with teflon-coated wire. FWIW everything I can recall actually handling from Engineer has felt like it is excellent quality. //UFN
  10. I have accumulated quite a lot of that stuff and I'm generally very happy. The only minor annoyance is that it's mostly surplus stuff, so getting consistent colors can be a problem. No problem with the quality though - and yes, once you get used to teflon jacketed it's very hard to go back //UFN
  11. I would think that an SSR could be used for the switching here since there is no mechanical contact, but looking at the specs for some smaller models like the Sharp S202-series and that doesn't seem to be the case. They are rated for 600V peak voltage, but recommended operating voltage is still only 240VAC //UFN
  12. Very nice work Søren! //UFN
  13. I've heard people getting similar stuff engraved by local jewellers/goldsmiths - might be worth a try? //UFN
  14. It's actually only 45.63 minivolts, but this slightly odd conversion factor is probably the main reason why the minivolt isn't commonly used //UFN
  15. So if I'm reading that correctly, the real requirement is the higher Idss of V-grade JFETs, not the lower noise of the 2SK369, right? That means the 2SK170V would be suitable as well I guess. //UFN