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  1. Yes from reading I would also consider Zana Deux.
  2. Hmm, I can only speak for my own experience with Ultarsone Edition 9. driving directly off Grace M902, the bass is not overwhelming at all the soundstage is VERY BIG but yes the midrange could be on the flat side. Still it is very well balanced. And running of LISA III, the midrange of UE9 is very beautiful, it's no longer flat nor recessed. But I have heard UE9 bass sounds very bloaty with sibilance high, and skinny midrange in an unmatched system especially bad recordings.
  3. If you think you love ety sound signature that much yes, I do think it's worth that much. First of all, esthetically awesome, the cable is a lot lighter. It fits snuggly over the ear, no longer microphonic. And the harshness gone, the bass quantity is more. But if you are not a fan of etymotic to start of with, then don't worry about upgrading the cable.
  4. Actually if you replace stock ER-4S cable with apuresound cable, the high is very silky smooth, reduced sibilance dramatically even directly off iPOD. and the bass sounds bigger too.
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