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  1. On 6/5/2020 at 10:03 AM, Applewood said:

    Finally completed the dynahi. I really enjoyed this DIY processing. Based on previous experience, this time I spent more time on selecting parts and adjustment, also increased heat sink size, quiescent current increased to 75mA. The gain keeps the original design value (200K/10K) and there is no background noise even using high efficiency earphones. Thank you everyone for your experience and information on this thread.



    Is the second pic showing a transparent cover on the amp? 

  2. 40 minutes ago, Jon L said:

    Off the speaker taps.  

    The front headphone jack has 4 jumper settings for difference impedance 'phones. Normal headphones like Sennheiser HD600, 32 Ohm IEM's sound fine on front headphone jack, but no setting is optimal for Abyss, not able to deliver enough power.  Off the speaker taps, there is way more than enough power.   

    Thanks. Do you use any resistors across the speaker taps? 

  3. On 12/5/2019 at 11:37 AM, Jon L said:

    Don't have any DD amps on hand to directly compare, but I bought the Elekit to triple as speaker amp, stat amp via transformer, and to power Abyss 1266 Phi TC planars.  

    And it does have Lundahl's and Mundorf silver/gold/oil caps. (below photo from Stereophile)

    49170891618_c291f9acfc_z.jpgElekitTx by drjlo2, on Flickr


    Do you drive your planars directly off the amp's speaker taps or via the headphone jack?



  4. 13 hours ago, stickyjon23 said:

    I, for one, am really looking forward to hearing them there. This weekend needs to come by faster. 

    Please share some impressions when you do get to audition the cans. Thanks 

  5. 4 hours ago, SeaWolf said:

    Keep in mind if you go with a bronze watch, you may not have to worry about scratches because of the extent that bronze oxidizes,  but it's a soft metal vs steel or grade 5 titanium and care must be taken.  

    I think as a collection of 1, a driver of some type is a good choice.. or at least a watch with decent water resistance.  Even if it will never go swimming.  It is nice to never have to worry about it getting wet.


    Edit: in the current collection the mkii  speedy is really over looked.  It's non round so I get it,  but it's automatic,  coaxial and 100m water resistant. I like the look a lot but it's not for everyone.

    Thanks for the advice on the bronze case. Speaking of Speedys, I do have to add that the FOIS is also within the same price point and it looks nice as well as having the broad arrow hands that I prefer. 

    On 5/26/2019 at 1:27 AM, SeaWolf said:

    A talented watch maker can adjust almost any base caliber into a very accurate state. 

    Many companies in house calibers are inferior to off the shelf ETA or lemania movements.

    The 321 that went to the moon is lemania if i am not mistaken. 

    Oh and I think all of the holy trinity brands have used lemania movements until relatively recently or up to this day. 

    I find the way Rolex went "in house" hilarious.  They just went and slowly moved aegler from independent to making movements exclusively for Rolex, then finally to fully acquiring the company. How are they any different than what they were doing before? Fuck the movement in any sub today is exactly the same the off the shelf one they were buying from alger starting in the 80s(minus the new hair spring).

    Same goes for most of swatch "in house" its really just ETA doing to the work(probably a good thing). Some exceptions obviously.  

    Don't get caught up in that BS.


    Do you reckon it's possible to get the omega service centre to regulate the FOIS to cosc levels of accuracy? Just a crazy thought.. 

  6. 44 minutes ago, HemiSam said:

    I like the B&R's, but they are WAY to big for me.  It's the square dimensions one needs to account for so seeing it in the metal is critical.  I'd love to have a Tag Monaco, but it'd have to be an older one or the new retro one coming out...and even then it's a bit on the large side for my wrist.  

    The Zenith is interesting.  Looks nice with either the rubber strap or stainless.  There's a lot going on in the face so keeping it simple for some balance would be my only suggestion.


    The B&R Divers look nice and unique although at its retail price, i could get a pre-owned basic Rolex (OP39 blue dial) but the Rolex would look really, really pedestrian beside it. The new Autavia Isograph looks interesting but being a Tag, i do find them over priced here.

    As for the Zenith, i actually prefer the skeleton version. Nice open worked dial, thin profile, titanium case and the cool blue croc/rubber strap has me drooling over it. 

    Difficult choice for sure, both coming in at a similar price point.

  7. First time chiming in here.

    Been reading the Legend of the Condor Heroes (English translated version) by Jin Yong (pen name of Louis Cha who departed recently) Book I. A classic novel of martial arts intrigue. Fast paced and manages to hold my attention, which tends to get very short most of the time :p  

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  8. 4 hours ago, EdipisReks1 said:

    One was produced in January of 1969 and sold that same year, the other was produced in September of 2017 and was sold (grey market, and then sold to me brand new) in 2018. Both are two owner watches, I guess. The dealer of the pre-moon was a superb watchmaker, since retired. It keeps excellent time. 

    The Omega extract is worth it, by the way, for vintage watches. Without that extract, I wouldn’t have known what exact Omega box to buy, as they had changed them up right around when this 145.022-69 was being made. 

    I wear the old one a lot more than I wear the new one. 

    Thanks for that nice bit of history on the watches. Of all the Speedys, i prefer the broad arrow handed ones like the FOIS. Not too much of a fan of the pencil hands. But a nice watch with a lot of history and what the watch guys say "providence" behind them :) 

    On another note, i'm now looking at the new Bell & Ross green dialed Bronze Diver BR 03-92 and the Zenith Defy Classic Skeleton. 

    Anyone have comments/opinions (good or bad) about both these watches? Both are within my budget and though not a Rolex or Omega, they seem to catch my eye more than the others,..

  9. 22 hours ago, EdipisReks1 said:

    I think tomorrow (well, today, as it's 1:30 AM) is going to be a Speedy Thursday, but I'm unsure of which one. Empty spot there on the left because I'm wearing the Reverso.IMG_0440.thumb.jpeg.7ccb3cb714a83b73fb4be82edb3a02f7.jpeg

    Those watches get wound at the same time, a few times a week (it's such a pleasure to wind a manual watch, and I'm lucky to own three).  They are both well within COSC. 

    Being a watch noob, i can't tell what's the difference between the 2 Speedys haha

  10. 2 hours ago, EdipisReks1 said:

    It's my understanding, and I may be mistaken, that the Spring Drive watches mostly have to go back to Japan regardless.

    Oh well...that's just a bummer. I'd prefer something with lesser hassle in terms of maintenance. Or buy and throw like a Swatch :p 

  11. 10 hours ago, SeaWolf said:

    If accuracy is a very high priority maybe have a look at GS and their spring drive? The attention to detail from GS is top notch.  They have their own style too, definitely a different flavor than the swiss. 

    Yes, the Spring Drive does have a good reputation for high accuracy. Only issue is we don't have an authorised dealer locally who could service SDs should any issues arise so that is a consideration.

    9 hours ago, EdipisReks1 said:

    The movements were good enough for NASA. 

    Point taken. Good enough for space = good enough for earth :)

    9 hours ago, HemiSam said:

    The craftsmanship from GS is superb.  I want to love these watches.  There is something clinical about them that has kept me from acquiring one thus far.  The colored dials on the Elegance Collection helped warm things up for me.  Stunning work and aesthetics. Not enough to make me what to take the leap, but a much needed foray IMO.


    Thus far, only the snow flake dial has captured by interest..the others are pretty...unexciting. I don't doubt the craftsmanship that goes into making these watches but somehow, their simplicity is not attracting me to them, yet.

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  12. 1 hour ago, HemiSam said:

    My experience thus far, Rossliew, has been very good.  No drama unless I forget to wind it when swapping between watches.

    I had the seconds timer running for several weeks just to see the movement.  Seems to use up the battery a bit more quickly, but again...accurate.

    Note I've only been wearing the watch since X-mas.  Overall, super pleased with it especially now that I have the alligator on deployant clasp I always pictured it with.


    Thanks for the feedback, HS. Looks like a very nice first Omega watch to have with an affordable entry price. Only quibble is it doesn't have a clear case back 

    I'm really not familiar at all with movements except for hearing common names like ETA. I suppose a slight drift in accuracy is very well acceptable even quartz watches are not entirely accurate. It's just the consistency that I'm most concerned about more so if u buy an expensive watch and it doesn't tell me accurate time. Well, I do appreciate that some buy watches not to tell time ?

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  13. Anyone with a Speedy FOIS can chime in as to its accuracy over time? I understand its using one of its earlier calibres and not the later in-house movements, which are COSC certified. The FOIS has a nice arrow hands that i prefer but am a bit anal in terms of accuracy over time..

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