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  1. The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    There's a beautiful T2 for sale over at HF..believe its a Kerry build.
  2. Finally an in depth review of Birgirs amps.
  3. i'm on a roll... the kgsshv

    Oops..my bad
  4. i'm on a roll... the kgsshv

    Sound impressions please!
  5. stax t8000 clone (well sorta)

    How's the sound compared to your other KG amps, specifically the Carbon?
  6. Modifying Stax's SRM-T1

    It probably will sound tremendous with a regular lambda!
  7. Modifying Stax's SRM-T1

    Thanks for sharing. This should also benefit those who can't afford a full fledged aftermarket KG amp 👍
  8. Watches

    Yes I agree the Omegas have more attractive faces (if that's what u call it)
  9. Watches

    And why is that?
  10. Nice! i presume the cost is secondary to the time and effort to build the chassis. But a nice alternative to the other tubed designs out there.
  11. Looks like a tube rollers heaven! If you don't mind telling, what's the approximate cost to build this amp?
  12. Watches

    That is a very impressive fact. I believe the Japanese (and other ex-Swiss European brands) are pushing the boundaries of fine watchmaking. The simplicity of design is pretty attractive, very understated.
  13. stax t8000 clone (well sorta)

    Anyone intending to build a working model soon? 😁
  14. Watches

    Over here in Malaysia in one of the watch forums i see a lot of Seikos changing hands. Granted the aesthetics are an acquired taste but the price is very attractive. In any case, further depreciation of value should not be as much as the other luxury brands. Out of curiosity, what is the attraction factor of a Grand Seiko?
  15. Watches

    Anyone here find the Seiko Tuna watches attractive?