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  1. The Headcase Stax thread

    That's a very nice care package, Birgir!
  2. Megatron Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier

    That's a beauty there!
  3. Massdrop Cavalli Tube Hybrid

    I'm more curious as to how the Audio Gd DAC sounds compared to the Denafrips Ares..
  4. Massdrop Cavalli LCX

    We await the results with bated breath...
  5. Watches

    Thanks for the kind reply. Guess I’ll stick to a less complicated watch for starters
  6. Watches

    Guys, seek your advice - is it expensive to service and maintain a watch with perpetual calendar and moon-phase complications? Something like the JLC Master Calendar? Am looking at one that was initially purchased back in 2012...wondering if its time for a service and what it would reasonably cost. Appreciate your thoughts
  7. The Headcase Stax thread

    Perhaps you can get a pair, tear it apart and improve upon it. I'd buy it off you in a jiffy
  8. The Headcase Stax thread

    I had a pair of L300 which sounded pretty decent on its accompanying amp the SRM-252S.
  9. Mr Speakers Electrostatic Ether E

    Fair enough. Its just that i didn't hear any excitement when i auditioned their Alpha dogs and Ether. Bland sounding and unexciting to my ears. To each his own then.
  10. Mr Speakers Electrostatic Ether E

    It’s all about the hype with them..never did get the thing about mrspeakers cans sounding good..
  11. Sennheiser HE-1

    Perhaps just quote Birgir's name and they may give you a long private session with your own gears
  12. Group Build: Dynafet

    Ok saw it. Nice impressions of the sound..looks like something worth a little extra attention
  13. Group Build: Dynafet

    Pics of the amp, @Pars !
  14. What Are You Building Today

    Looking good there. You should instead name it the kgsshv-v and probably sell it for a whole lotta benjamins:p
  15. Chord Dave Any Good?

    This looks like what the show car guys are doing - wire tucks. Reckon it would be a big hassle to identify the offending wire should anything go wrong..