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  1. Is the second pic showing a transparent cover on the amp?
  2. Thanks. Do you use any resistors across the speaker taps?
  3. Do you drive your planars directly off the amp's speaker taps or via the headphone jack?
  4. Now we need to know when these are available
  5. Thanks! Somehow I don't see this model whilst searching through the g shock website
  6. Can u share the model number for this piece? Interesting to see the word Gaussman on it. Anti magnetic?
  7. Please share some impressions when you do get to audition the cans. Thanks
  8. Nice quality strap from Omega indeed
  9. That Omega looks droolicious!
  10. Thanks for the advice on the bronze case. Speaking of Speedys, I do have to add that the FOIS is also within the same price point and it looks nice as well as having the broad arrow hands that I prefer. Do you reckon it's possible to get the omega service centre to regulate the FOIS to cosc levels of accuracy? Just a crazy thought..
  11. The B&R Divers look nice and unique although at its retail price, i could get a pre-owned basic Rolex (OP39 blue dial) but the Rolex would look really, really pedestrian beside it. The new Autavia Isograph looks interesting but being a Tag, i do find them over priced here. As for the Zenith, i actually prefer the skeleton version. Nice open worked dial, thin profile, titanium case and the cool blue croc/rubber strap has me drooling over it. Difficult choice for sure, both coming in at a similar price point.
  12. First time chiming in here. Been reading the Legend of the Condor Heroes (English translated version) by Jin Yong (pen name of Louis Cha who departed recently) Book I. A classic novel of martial arts intrigue. Fast paced and manages to hold my attention, which tends to get very short most of the time :p
  13. Thanks for that nice bit of history on the watches. Of all the Speedys, i prefer the broad arrow handed ones like the FOIS. Not too much of a fan of the pencil hands. But a nice watch with a lot of history and what the watch guys say "providence" behind them On another note, i'm now looking at the new Bell & Ross green dialed Bronze Diver BR 03-92 and the Zenith Defy Classic Skeleton. Anyone have comments/opinions (good or bad) about both these watches? Both are within my budget and though not a Rolex or Omega, they seem to catch my eye more than the others,..
  14. Being a watch noob, i can't tell what's the difference between the 2 Speedys haha
  15. So, when are these available for public purchase?
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