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  1. Watches

    Thanks for the kind reply. Guess I’ll stick to a less complicated watch for starters
  2. Watches

    Guys, seek your advice - is it expensive to service and maintain a watch with perpetual calendar and moon-phase complications? Something like the JLC Master Calendar? Am looking at one that was initially purchased back in 2012...wondering if its time for a service and what it would reasonably cost. Appreciate your thoughts
  3. The Headcase Stax thread

    Perhaps you can get a pair, tear it apart and improve upon it. I'd buy it off you in a jiffy
  4. The Headcase Stax thread

    I had a pair of L300 which sounded pretty decent on its accompanying amp the SRM-252S.
  5. Mr Speakers Electrostatic Ether E

    Fair enough. Its just that i didn't hear any excitement when i auditioned their Alpha dogs and Ether. Bland sounding and unexciting to my ears. To each his own then.
  6. Mr Speakers Electrostatic Ether E

    It’s all about the hype with them..never did get the thing about mrspeakers cans sounding good..
  7. Sennheiser HE-1

    Perhaps just quote Birgir's name and they may give you a long private session with your own gears
  8. Group Build: Dynafet

    Ok saw it. Nice impressions of the sound..looks like something worth a little extra attention
  9. Group Build: Dynafet

    Pics of the amp, @Pars !
  10. What Are You Building Today

    Looking good there. You should instead name it the kgsshv-v and probably sell it for a whole lotta benjamins:p
  11. Chord Dave Any Good?

    This looks like what the show car guys are doing - wire tucks. Reckon it would be a big hassle to identify the offending wire should anything go wrong..
  12. Chord Dave Any Good?

    Just get the Ares I’m planning to.
  13. Enterprise E Lite Electrostatic Amp

    Valid point there.
  14. Enterprise E Lite Electrostatic Amp

    Well if you didnt do what you’ve been doing then we wouldn’t have great designs now, would we?
  15. Enterprise E Lite Electrostatic Amp

    Price is attractive enough to buy just out of curiosity's sake but i worry it may blow my cans up or worse, blow itself up...