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  1. Will Yama loan the new series to Tyll for a gander, or will he need to get his hands on someone's personal pair?
  2. There's no document that people can refer to. There's a lot of mythbusting needing to be done on memes like Stax needs a few days to fully charge the diaphragm and so on. There's also a lack of information and testing around the amplifiers. I've never been given a straight answer as to why the 007 allegedly needs more current than other models (greater diaphragm area?). As for HF, well, I once told astrostar at one point that he would be first to swing on the day of the rope and the mod just deleted the death threat and gave me a civility PM. That's the standard they set, deleting every barrier to a headphone sale.
  3. Always do the opposite of what the mafia says.
  4. http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/StaxSR207EP507LeatherPadsSerNumSB22217.pdf http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/StaxSR507SE11049.pdf The 207 and 507 measure so similarly I doubt I'd be able to hear a difference. Rin Choi measured the Lambda Signature and the 207 and the difference over the decades is a couple of dBs, particularly in the extremes. More alike than different. What do you think?
  5. I'm happy with ALC899 onboard. The savings nets me an L500 and there aren't any measurable downsides. I'm happily waiting on good quality measurements that show a substantial FR plot difference to standard lambdas.
  6. dripf

    Stax L700

    My right pinna has a slight prominence in the antihelix which I noticed after getting my Stax system. A few more mils would be nice because at an hour there is discomfort.
  7. dripf

    Stax L700

    Is there more depth for the ear to sit with the new lambdas?
  8. Everything wrong with this industry stems from hobbyists refusing to share a set of scientific knowledge. If I had a year's jump on head-fi back in 2000 with my own forum, I could have installed my formulated groupthink thereby preventing these crazy prices and designs.
  9. The reviewer is confused by differences of dB in the highs. They are both stats in similar housing. With the lambdas, there's a couple of dB too much at 1.5 kHz and a couple too few in the DF area around 3-6 kHz. I can't find anything else to complain about for the 307. I bought them intending to use the ED-1 impulse but quickly preferred the native response. I do have an 8.5 dB bass boost on hand though.
  10. Exactly as designed. Not that HF matters as much as before to the big names, as their new products are built and priced to attract the purses of Chinese graft. What defect?
  11. Stax product placement leaving the beats world cup ad in the dust.
  12. Isn't it just a balanced input 323?
  13. Are the drivers farther from the ear?
  14. So what is the intent of these new lambda drivers? Is it designed to increase the stiffness of the electrode, or is it an attempt to make the high frequency drive more uniform across the membrane?
  15. The 323S is PJ sourced and powered by a 240-100 V transformer. I asked on H-F and the one respondent thought it was a case of delamination that was benign.
  16. There's a new line interactive UPS for a PC that is sharing the same circuit. However, that video was made from a different room which may or may not be in the same circuit as the office. I'll try a mass unplugging of devices including the UPS. Edit: No joy I'm afraid
  17. Thanks spritzer. It used to be silent but at this point must go under the desk.
  18. Is this benign, or should I be chasing down a warranty service? Regards.
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