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  1. My God, the entire emotion entirely depends on the external weather? Pull yourself together, bud. You're the head of the forums. But that's totally, totally understandable. I don't like damp weathers, too. Those damp feelings, we rather not speak them out... haunted.. Anyway I putting three of this in my room (recommended by my father-in-law) and I moved all my gears (for DIY and for listening to music) and my portable Olympus photocamera and the ultra-screen TV (from SONY) into the room. Now it's 365*24 dry/ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01D1W8MKI Cheers
  2. any possibility to make these two new input output boards smaller than ever before while making them still be better than all the versions which released last year? (small size saves money)
  3. Pardon me, how to wire the boards? why O+ one one side, i+ on the other? GND GND -i O-
  4. oh 13.5v is for some out of date DAC boards. my main focus and the main project is the electrostatics amp. never deal with such high voltage gear. pretty anxious. by the way, do we choose zeners by this rule? LT1021-10: 9.1v zener LT1021-7: 7.5v zener LT1021-5: 5.1v zener
  5. More expensive than the LCD-4, yo!
  6. folks, gr lv dual version is right here I've thrown all my extra dough on this build (including the dough for updating my old-granny-level-pc. been saved for a very very long time), so it better be good. Alth, I always fear that, my $1,350 is gonna get into smoke, and boom, boom, boom pray for myself
  7. I have two of these in my drawer, is that a bit crazy? RBV5006, max RMS voltage 600V, max average forward current 50A (but these are old, datasheet says production begins in 1998). The bridge in the BOM is 100V/4A http://www.allcomponents.ru/synsemi/rbv5006.htm http://www.datasheetcatalog.com/datasheets_pdf/R/B/V/5/RBV5006.shtml
  8. The BOM of GRLV. You've mentioned its BOM (the Excel BOM) in the GRLV thread for a few times, but I still haven't find it. I got the gerb file (zip) and the schematics (pdf), unfortunately both of them haven't have the standard/stock bridge model that we should look into.
  9. the first step is always the most difficult. although you could laugh at, man... after frying a bunch of amps, I think I will get a working one.
  10. I don't know, I usually use gerbview, works fine with zip files. Does zofzpcb support zip files? edit: zofz finally works after multi-trying. edit2: Zofz only works twice on my old-granny-level-pc. gerbview and gerberlogix work normally on my this old computer. That Zofz stuff is cool! I havta save some dough to buy a lastest Intel-i3-platform first!! Or even Zen!! edit3: zofz is indeed amazing! sometimes it works alth under cpu load 99% (envy you guys' decent computers)
  11. oh, sorry. should be digits... where to find to the BOM? I've only got the gerb file...
  12. @Pars Hi Pars, as for the bridges on GR LV, what kinds of bridges are needed? Do some of them measure better? (on the 6.5 bits stuff or even 8.5 bits)
  13. Hello, how to use this software to view Kevin's zip gerb files?
  14. Update: suddenly I found a 2 x 18 VAC transformer in my house (which came from a power amp), so I don't need to buy it. fisrtly I need the 13.5 VDC, so I just change the R8 and R9, then everything is fine? (R7 = R10 = 1.5k, plus the 10V version LT1021-10, 9.1V zeners) R8 = R9 13.5 x 150 -1500 = R8 = 525 (R8 + R7) / R7 x 10 = 13.5 If using the 7V version (R8 + R7) / R7 x 7 = 13.5 (R8 + R7) / R7 = 1.9286... We change R7 to 2k to make it simpler R8 = 1858 approximately PS, good to hear this PSU running fine at 15V
  15. About measuring the voltage from electrostatic amp, I read a comment on Tyll's article http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/stax-mafia-makes-unrefusable-offer-and-i-begin-electrostatic-headphone-measurement-program quote As far as measuring the voltage on any of the stuff that's ballassed with a build-out resistor, forget about any voltmeter you might have. I haven't found a voltmeter or oscilloscope with a high enough impedance not to load down the voltage and give an incorrect reading. quote done What does built-out resistor mean?
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