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  1. Thanks @cspirou i already talked with other forum member for that. Thanks for your help anyway
  2. Hi guys Does someone have boards that don't need and can sell it to me? They can be only the pcb and also can be already populated. Thanks for the help
  3. I don´t know if it will have good channel tracking because, it is after all, a lower grade of the tkd 601 . Lower grade products are always worst ...imagine if they haven´t proper balanced alimentation..it will be even worst
  4. Very nice! i have been looking for something like this.
  5. Nice.I would do this 12v version in the future too.Now i don´t even need to calculate the right value for the resistor .i will use yours
  6. They don't the put the output devices because without it, it seems cheaper to build
  7. Thanks Pars. Yes 30v. So there is no problem if I join two wires in the same output of one of the amps psu? By the way, do you have any of your boards that you could sell it to me? The Led is nice addition that I could use.
  8. Hi guys To power the board what is the best method or only method? For example if i am using a GRLVs for my Dynahi should i have three power supplies one for each amp board and another for the protection board?or there is another way that i am missing? Don´t hit me in the face if this is a noob question eh eh
  9. The noise floor is still there but i will try to change the gain next week ,to see if it will solve it. But already sounds great.
  10. i just came to left a photo of my Dynahi and also to thank all those who help specially Kevin Gilmore ,the man himself,for all the patience with me ( and even when he didn´t have it) and all his clarifications. Without that now i don´t have the Dynahi to show. About the amplifier himself it is truly neutral in my opinion .you change a thing in sound chain ,and you notice the change.Fantastic. Also the sound balance is a bliss .My HD800 with my Chord 2Qute are at his best. FANTASTIC REALLY.
  11. Very well.Appreciate the useful info. Regards Tiago
  12. Yes,maybe the picture isn´t in a good angle....the boards i have is the dynahibal9 version from Kevin. I was in doubt after the biasing ,if for measure dc offset the ground i should use is the input pad ground...But it has to be output pad ground as you said ,because measuring with the input pad ground give me strange results.With the output ground it is ok .Already gives only 30mv to begin with.. Thanks for your great help Tiago
  13. Yes this is a balanced Dynahi.By Ground (i mean the ground where i should put the black probe) you mean the output pad ground ,correct? And volume all way down . Thanks Pars
  14. Hi guys Sorry for this noob question but i just want to check if this is ok. Looking at the picture is this the right way to measure Dc offset? In the input i have the wires that come from the potentiometer.In the output i have the multimeter connected to positive and negative output. Once again sorry but i don´t want to damage something Thanks
  15. Oh all right. I will buy one. I am from Portugal so it is better for me that way. Thanks for GB
  16. Thanks for the tip mwl168.I already saw that ,but when i saw that at first it will be shipped from us but now it seems that also from sweden.i will see Thanks
  17. I asked Birgir but it haven´t anymore.I found the board files and i will ask someone to make it for me. Thanks for the help Kevin and everything
  18. i saw that board in a build but i googled for it,searched the forum for it and nothing..maybe i am searching for the wrong words...do you have an ideia where to find it? i only found the board for 2 channel rk27
  19. Hi guys i will be building a dynahi and i have one or two doubts in the internal wiring.i made a scheme with the internal wiring.Anyone can help me saying that this is how is done properly? or should i connect the xlr input ground to amplifier chassis ground? Thanks for the help
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