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  1. Received my boards. They look great! Time to build a Mini T2 to go with my Carbon. Thanks Michael.
  2. I am still in for: 4 ea. GRHVxxx partially assembled, 2 ea. GRLV78xx, 2 ea. GRLV79xx, 2 ea. main board, 1 ea. mini T2. Thanks, Jay
  3. I will take 4 grhv, 2 grlv78xx, 2 grlv79xx, 2 main boards, and 1 mini T2, Thanks
  4. Received my package. Looks great. Thanks for the hard work.
  5. Paid. Looking forward to new projects. Only question is what to build first.
  6. I received my case yesterday. It looks great! I am looking forward to what looks like a fun project. Thanks for all your hard work.
  7. I can wait, I need to let my wallet recover after my last build.
  8. I used a Zero Zone board. I don't know the weight of the copper, but the board was nicely made.
  9. I would take 4 CFP2 boards and a TKD Dynalo Mini.
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