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  1. yeah you are right, but it's hard to pinpoint the exact reason why they in fact do sound better. are the drivers different? is it more burn in? did you try them with bowls? impressions?
  2. craftsmanship! they are built better with better material. the wood and it's finish, the metal instead of plastic, the leather headband, even the engraving of the letters, even the black mesh covering the drivers wont look as dirty as the new white ones. i think more attention was given to them all around and you had a better shot of getting a consistently well built headphone where as the newer models are almost a shot in the dark especially with the look and finish of the wood, again from my experience. sound is a little tricky cuz im not sure people know whether it is in fact the driver
  3. good stuff! maybe we differ cuz my head is shaped like an eggplant \ i thought the bowls made the upper range shrieky and metalic sounding while the bowls softened everything.
  4. actually i think they sound better with flats out of anything. crappy amp or good amp or whatever. i think the bowls are simply more comfortable.
  5. i agree and the tiny genelecs have little pegs and can be nicely set up right next to your screen. BTW, the barefoots micromains are $6500 for the pair. 2nd hand ive seen them for $6000 \ and that rarely happens cuz people usually keep them. back to the thread at hand.
  6. so the pics you just showed are the semi-vintage right?
  7. did you try them with flats Clony?
  8. yes and they are amazing and heard them in a buddy's studio! people were having a problem getting them cuz they had a slow time distributing them and most retailers were backed up with orders but i think it's gotten better. they are a bit pricey (still the best $ to quality around) depending on the monitor but are more made for the recording and mastering studios http://www.mercenary.com/focalmonitors.html but nothin beats these http://www.barefootsound.com/products_mm27.html ;D again though for different applications then what is needed here. genelec and dynaudio are colored just enou
  9. http://www.genelec.com/products/2-way-monitors/8020a/ small, active, and isolated not to screw up your CPU screen. they are considered studio monitors (Pro Audio World) but are more colored and cheaper than your your typical studio monitor (Adam, Focal, or Barefoots) therefore they kinda fall in between. they make different sizes and subs. an older pair of 1030a(s) would be ideal (they sound incredible!) and can be found for quite relatively cheap on ebay. Obviously this all depends on how u r going out of your CPU and if you have an external balanced soundcard. If you have a digital out (SPDI
  10. im sorry to those i offended here. hopefully you guys can accept my apologies....
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