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  1. I like the music to have some weight, smooth, soundstage depth and balanced sound. I demoed the mola mola dac a couple months back. It was nice, but my CD player was still less fatiguing to listen to. Looking back though, I've demoed a ton of dac's in the $5k-15k range over the past 8 years and they have all disappointed in a similar way. But I've always been hooking them up to my desktop through USB, so I'm thinking I need to demo the mola mola again with using Roon or a decent transport. Biggie.
  2. I logged onto head-case for the first time since 2018. Seems pretty dead around here. My CD player was deemed unrepairable so I'm on the source hunt again. I put in an order for a DNA Stellaris 9 months ago. Haven't changed anything in my system in over 5 years. Biggie.
  3. I've been listening with the utopias a couple hours every night since I got them. I love that I can throw all kinds of recordings at them and they are always very listenable. They are my favorite headphone. Biggie.
  4. I have a pair here. I'm really digging the Utopia's in my system. Really hard to find any major faults with them. They are so detailed, yet all types of recordings are listenable and I can play music on them for hours without fatigue. I haven't had this much fun with a headphone since first listening to ps-1's. Biggie.
  5. I spent more time with these and I find they open up the top end a bit, which on the rs-1 is a bad thing and I start getting ear fatigue after about 20 minutes of use. I prefer the regular flat pads. Biggie.
  6. I asked TTVJ if there was anyway of visually differentiating them from regular flat pads and Todd told me they are the same material as the regular flat pads, but have been treated with something. I imagine they will crumble just as fast doh. Biggie.
  7. First impressions, they look and feel exactly like the regular pads. No obvious sonic differences noted. I sent TTVJ an email asking if there was anyway to identify them versus the regular pads. I was hoping they would be made out of different materials, but it appears not. I'll take some daytime pics tomorrow. Biggie.
  8. What do you guys think about these headphones? I owned a used pair for a while, but I didn't feel the sound and build quality justified the price (for example vs. sr009 or omega II). I thought they had great sound stage, good detail and a nice balanced sound. No sibilance issues and non-fatiguing. I found the mids a bit thin and in my system they sounded muddy until I turned up the volume to a bit higher than I prefer. The pads get pretty hot after a bit of use. My wife wasn't a fan of them, citing vocals as lacking 'crispness'. I think they are still one of the top headphones I've listened to so I'd recommend giving them a listen. Biggie.
  9. Well I ordered a pair. I'll take pics of them side by side. Not expecting much, but its fun to try new things. Biggie.
  10. I bought a used yggy locally and used it in my system with he1000's and grado hf-1's. My main goal was to find a dac I could hookup to my computer. I found it to accentuate sibilance in recordings, and sound overly analytical vs. my cd player. The imaging and detail were decent, but I didn't feel it did anything better than my current player and I felt it ruined some recordings. I ended up selling it. I'm now borrowing a auqa hifi la scala II dac, which contains burr brown 1704 chips with a tube mosfet filterless analogue stage. The sound is organic, detailed, balanced in the high/low/mids and sounds great with all the music I've thrown at it. It sounds similar to my cd player, which uses bb 1702 chips and a transformer output stage, but the la scala seems to have a little more low level detail. I had my friend over and he couldn't tell the difference between the two. My only complaint is the price. Biggie.
  11. Has anyone tried these out? I think I'm going to order a pair, expensive though! Claims more refined highs and tighter bass. Hopefully they don't crumble in 2 years like other grado pads heh. http://www.ttvjaudio.com/TTVJ_Deluxe_Flat_Pads_p/ttvj000999.htm Biggie.
  12. Aha. I moved from Canada to the U.S. and had a kid. I'm trying to get some rs-1's, I keep barely missing out on the older pairs. Biggie.
  13. 009 has better 'punch' then 007, but the 009's are too bright and I've found them fatiguing out of multiple setups. If you like and are used to the 009 then you may find the 007 a bit 'dull' sounding. Biggie.
  14. Awesome. Makes me wish I didn't live on this tiny island. And the meet was held on my birthday too. Who splurged for the ps1000's? ^^ Biggie.
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