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  1. Is there a significant advantage to the GRLV or is it simpler to just use the low voltage section on the GRHV?
  2. I see, What is the difference between the GRHV / GRLV? I see some people use the GRLV but do you need the GRHV in addition to the GRLV?
  3. Hi thanks for all the replies, I don't have any boards as of yet. So basically I will need 2 kgsshv boards and the grv full board to get started? I did see a thread with the mouser project and a bom but there was several version of the bom so I am not sure which one to use for what board.
  4. Hi new to the forum and I am interested in building a kgsshv or kgsshv carbon. I have done other projects from amb.org built a beta22 / lcdduino / volume control system. I am unaware if there are any guides or published places to get information on where to start these builds / parts lists? I have found the circuit board gerber files and I am guessing I have to send those to get my pcbs manufactured? But I am a bit confused as there are many versions and variations of build files. For example I see Kgsshvcarbon v1-6 and along eith them left / right / servo / ground. Any advice would be appreciated.