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  1. Yea unfortunately for them Enzos reach does not extend beyond the grave. The old man would never have allowed the regulations that nurfed their engine. I was really impressed by Sainz and mclaren.

    Thank god they banned engine modes btw clearly that closed the gap..

  2. Wife tried to get sympathy from the kids by saying "daddy made me go to the gym with him, isn't he mean to mommy"

    Girl #1 response "but mommy can I tell you something? You need to get stronger"
    In the parenting competition with the wife I'm pulling a big lead..
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  3. https://www.autoweek.com/racing/more-racing/a33843258/homebuilt-contraptions-beat-the-fancy-pants-porsches-at-pikes-peak/

    "In this corner, one thousand of the best German engineers ever assembled, with computers bigger than your garage using computational fluid dynamics and finite-element analysis to create the greatest and most powerful customer race car in the world - the 911 GT2 RS Cluuuuuubsport! And in this corner, a guy from five miles away who went down the street to his dad’s garage and built a car with him. Are you ready to rummmmmbbbbbblllleeeeeee?????"

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  4. I read this on planetf1.com

    It just so spot on, I couldn't stop laughing. 

    "If there is one positive for the Scuderia heading into the Italian Grand Prix next week, it’s that there will be no tifosi in the stands to witness what looks like being another humiliation." 

    I really do feel bad for the drivers, sucks when the engine is ripped from under you by regulations and the development of the chassis went in the wrong direction. 

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  5. Especially if you had one before I understand really liking the 300m. 

    The friend with that aquaterra also has the new black dial SS 300m. He likes it a lot and switches between strap and bracelet. In fact he has an original bond 300m that he bought back in the day. Still in very good condition considering it was his only watch until I became a very bad influence on him in ~2013. He's bought about 10 omegas since then lol! 


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  6. If you are thinking of rubber strap and want omega you should also look at the aquaterra, my buddy just got this exact model. 




    They also make TT versions with the rubber strap that are very nice.

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  7. Lug width looks fine on your wrist. The omega rubber straps are not as compliant as other brands. My planet ocean big blue has one thats natural curve just happens to fit around my wrist perfectly. 

    If your thinking at all that you might want the bracelet too get that with the watch. Adding the bracelet later is a rip off. I have a TT blue and yellow gold newest version 300m on the bracelet that the wife got me for our anniversary when it launched a couple years ago. It's been a really nice watch that is passable in both casual and most dress situations.

    Love the ABC Islands. Would retire to Bonaire if I didn't have to renounce my US citizenship to avoid paying taxes twice. 

  8. Was fun walking around the watch shops in Vegas. Not much new obviously.. but I have reached a conclusion as to what I will be getting next, when the watch buying moritorium which has been imposed on me by the wife expires.  


    Its movement looks like it's made from a scaled down erector set and like all SBB watches the cambered case and rubber strap wear super comfortable. Will replace the stock strap right away with their red alligator/rubber strap. 

    The wife is pretty funny she complains a whole bunch about my watches but insists on keeping a list around so she can buy them for me on special occasions. She tried to be slick about noting the watch info while claiming she was txting. Also commenting on how well it fits my wrist. 

    Also at the patek boutique she bee lines straight for the grand comps and just loves how "pretty" they are.. I assured her that of the very b few things in life I know for sure, she doesn't love me THAT much!

  9. fuck forgot their is a thread for this, just finished eating our bone in Ribeye. Brushed with duck fat mostly to get the flames to come up from the bottom of the egg for a nice char. 

    Ate those with some yellow potatos from our garden and we still have yellow onion(from garden) in foil with butter salt and pepper waiting to finish, but those take a while to caramelize. 

    steak was a bit over done.. I normally only grill tri-tip and ribs. Sadly steaks and burgers I am only about 50/50 at getting right.

    Would really like to get a proper smoker to try some different things. 

  10. I use my galaxy watch when on call and when I don't want to carry a phone and/or wallet but I always double fist in those situations. 

    Not sure what my next watch will be but I do really like the Santos. My mom has a tank. Which she has worn for years. 

    Going to Vegas in a few days and will be going thorough the dealers to try and come up with a decision. My wife imposed watch buying moratorium expires in June (18 months after I bought my viper). 

    Really liking the hublot spirite of big bang mecha 10 as well. 

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  11. OoOo.. I only considered music I have two additional items I use everyday. 

    Purity ones for on the go YouTube videos and podcasts. Sound quality for these is irrelevant. They cost $20 which is the main thing because I lose one or both every other month. 

    Sennheiser gsp 670 for gaming. Sound quality is good but not great. I really love these because can get up to get food and still talk in discord and they BT to the phone since I'm on call all the time. 

  12. Slant is not very steep and I'm putting a lot of large rocks in the lower portion before back filling with smaller gravel to try and keep the drainage good and limit lateral load. 

    If you look close the ground by the base slants towards the house. 

    Input is always welcomed. Hate to have a disaster. 

  13. At its tallest 16" most of is 8" plus or minus 2". Ground is slanted towards the front so standing water shouldn't be an issue. Drainage is in a center channel about 6" off the wall. 

    We are also pretty dry here in Reno NV. The rain fall is about 7.5" per year and I'm on the east side of the valley so much of that doesn't get to me as it's stalled by the mountians on the west side

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