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  1. So since my gym is closed until further notice I went a head and did something I've been putting off because I didn't want to stop lifting for that long. Stemcells in both shoulders and left knee. My grandfather, mother, father and wife have had great results. I have my fingers crossed. Fun fact. Unlike a steroid joint injection, you can't have lidocaine in with the cells so the first few minutes after each injection is fun.
  2. Ripped the floors and shower out of our rental property. Installed the new floors. Will do the grout and fixtures on the shower tomorrow along with base boards. Next weekend new kitchen, bath room cabinets and counters. Only thing we aren't redoing is the garage. Although I did put new gutters on that. Paint etc still needs work next weekend too.
  3. Sounds like March to June in Chicago. So many reasons why I opt not to live there no matter how much I love the city its self.
  4. Woke up to this in the morning. It actually melted in the valley and on the east side mountians by me by mid day. Took the kids to the mountians on the west of the valley where it's high enough to keep b snow.
  5. My friends father has had a track hawk for a few years. He really likes it. I looked at the SRT Durango but at altitude here it's just not that quick. For the price I just couldn't do it. Idk why they haven't put the hellcat motor in a Durango yet.. Id buy one for sure, I love the look of the Durango and the SRT ones drive really nice.
  6. I got to see a demon at a dealer a while back. Love the look of that car, it's especially mean with the skinnies mounted.
  7. Yes the low production numbers is why a redesign is not worth it. Some types of cars attract stupid people, the viper seems to be one. It's the drivers not the cars. Part of the reason they have their reputation is that they didn't get airbags, abs or traction control until the features were mandated by the government. Combine that with cars that aren't driven much which causes the tire compound to expire. Even if there is good tread on low miles cars or bikes always check tire date codes. So combine a subsect of people who buy vipers with no or little aids and rock hard tire compound.. Shit happens Mine being a 2014 has everything but even with the electronics on "full wet" I spun the wheels a bit going up the incline of my drive way. 355 summer tires plus cold and wet equals no grip and 600lbs of torque is what it is.. But if you drive the car mindfully and pick your times it's great. I grew up driving sports cars as a kid and I did things away from other cars and pedestrians to have fun with friends. I don't have anything to prove on the street. If people want to race me, let's go carting. That's not to say I'm amune from being unlucky but I try my best to limit that.
  8. Thanks, it was a really good opportunity for me to get one with very low miles, only 10k. All vipers are stick, an auto of any type has never been offered. I wanted to get into a car like this now. I just dont see how something like it can ever be made again. Because of emission standards, fuel economy requirements and safety requirements (vipers went out of production due to not being able to meet safety in the USA). A normally aspirated 8.4L engine mated to a 3 petal 6 speed with giant rubber at all four corners. It's a dinosaur, in the driver's seat you will never be lulled into thinking you are driving something rationale or refined. That's what makes it special.
  9. First day in two months the high has been below 55 and first day in almost 3 its snowed. Hopefully this bad luck isn't a sign of how things will go with the new toy i just took delivery of..
  10. SeaWolf


    My present from the wife with her present from me in the background. She got hers a few weeks early as at ~850lbs and it's giant size I wasn't installing the pro 48 myself.
  11. SeaWolf


    What i normally do to combat this is size the watch at 70f to the middle of the micro adjust that way when It gets cold i can pull it in and if it is warm i can put it out. Although there have been times in the tropics that between heat and humidity I ran out of adjustment and actually switched to a different watch for the rest of the day.
  12. SeaWolf


    I really love that the bracelet is wood! That has to be a unique wearing experience. Wish I could get my wife to let me open my presents early..
  13. SeaWolf


    My only hesitation with buying that particular watch without trying it on is the size. It is lug-less which helps a lot, but there is no getting around the nominal case diameter or the thickness. But if you are already accustomed to wearing sizable watches maybe go for it. If not, I would wait until you can try it on. At its price point I think a drive to confirm it fits is worth the time.
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