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  1. Chord Dave Any Good?

    If you throw that dac together spritzer, keep the tube but remove it from the circuit. Just power it so it looks cool, say something about it helping with skin effect. Get a sand cast chassis and sell it for 90k. A quad of mesh pate 300b and you might get over 120 out of it.
  2. Chord Dave Any Good?

    I think it comes from 2 things. One being a fundamental misunderstanding of what tubes are and how they should be used. I blame this on a bunch of cheap tube amps designed to overtly emphasize negatives of tubes as positives. Then people assume this is what tubes should sound like. Add to that that many high-end amps have had tubes in the design, when this group of people go to upgrade they want to spend more money because you know that means better stuff? And we end up in this situation. These are the same people who when they listen to a good tube amp come away remarking that it sounds like solid state.. Argh
  3. The Headcase Stax thread

    I recommend getting a Badger, a Justin and a Spritzer locking them in a closet whichever comes out buy that amp. Badger = T8000 But there are a lot of impressions contrasting the BHSE and Carbon. It is down to your preferences, you will be happy with either decision.