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  1. I tried the Aeon Flow Closed and sent it back after listening for a few days since the cup depth wasn't enough for my ears, then I got the Ether Flow Closed 1.1 instead which had enough depth. The Ether was my work pair until I got properly fitting jh13s. The Ether has more bass capability, the Aeon hardly seemed to output any bass at all regardless of EQ. The Ether also has more natural sounding treble and mids compared to the Aeon which seemed to have some kind of "thock" like feeling on notes that I haven't heard anywhere else. Compared to neutral I'd say the Ether is a bit on the bright side and the Aeon is brighter still.
  2. The talk of all these tweeters are making me want one. Need to make sure I actually like customs first though. My first impressions were a bust, the audiologist missed part of the helix. JH gave me a video to show them this time though, and then I'll have a fresh pair of JH13v2 Pro on the way! (Which hopefully fit)
  3. If you don't mind me asking, how are everyone's JH13s holding up after all these years?
  4. This has probably been asked to death but I couldn't find the answer through search. I know direct sunlight is no good for STAX, and ambient light is okay. I just want to confirm is sunlight through a window okay? Or should I rearrange things to keep them away from windows too. Thanks!
  5. Been reading a lot around here and am trying to tie off loose ends with dynamic stuff before trying out stax. From what I've read, the gilmore lite mk2 seems likely to be close enough to "as fast and transparent as is currently possible" for the LCD3 and HD800S. Would there be any technical reasons for an existing amp such as the pure bipolar or gsx mk2 to perform significantly better with those headphones?
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