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  1. While I had mine I took it apart. The plastic tabs are molded into the hole for the locking cable. I've got a pair of SRH750DJs coming my way which I preferred over the 840s and I plan on drilling out those tabs because an 1/8" Neutrik will fit the hole. I will then mount a mini jack inside though I suppose I could make it easier on myself and just source a cable mountable sub-mini. But then I rarely do things the easy way.
  2. BTW - I don't mean to sound like I'm saying the PK1s will sound bad straight from you iPod. They just won't sound their best and you'll be bumping up the volume quite a bit. And they will scale nicely when you amp them.
  3. Hey - they'll mate great with your future Pico.
  4. Actually, the PK1s are decent at 109 db. Comparatively, Sleek Audio's SA6 are 50 ohm / 110 db - definitely easier to drive. 150 ohm is unusually high for an earphone and I always had to have them plugged into an amp to sound their best. Honestly, I do not know from personal experience what DAP would driver the PK1s well. Honestly, you don't lose a whole lot going with the PK2s.
  5. Head-Fi can be a victim of their own popularity. There are a lot of members there who don't have a lot of experience and will post erroneous suggestions, opinions, etc. But there are also a lot of quality members who know what they are talking about. No reason to denigrate the whole forum IMO.
  6. I'll chime in regards to Yuin's PK2. Stay away from the PK1s, they need an amp due to their 150 ohm impedance. Since the headphone out of iPods aren't the greatest, it doesn't make much sense to go high end. But if you plan on upgrading at some point - Sleek Audio's SA6 is quite the gem.
  7. Yup, I'm the only one that has given them some post time on Head-Fi. I know there is at least one other member that bought a pair and liked them but he hasn't given much more of an opinion of them. I'm still enjoying mine and plan on keeping them for occasional listening, travel use and guitar practicing.
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