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  1. Happy Birthday Laura!!!
  2. Hi all. I spent 2 days off in the garden of course.
  3. Happy Birthday my love! [emoji512]
  4. Happy Birthday Nate!! You and Craig should get together and have a party
  5. Happy Birthday Craig!!!
  6. Interesting. A good thing if it comes to pass. Fascinating that removing the head jack makes it possible for people to want decent quality. An alternative factoid. Or some part of marketing that I don't understand. Also interesting that Spotify isn't profitable yet.
  7. Didn't Monoprice get jacked up in court for their Energy speaker clone? (Which by must accounts sounded just like the originals)
  8. Hmmmm..... edge painting pad...... nice idea. I make my own out of velvet, foam, and wood, which is a pain in the butt. I found my Decca brush making scuff marks on my records, so now I'm using a similar wood-foam-velvet cleaning brush with a drop of old time Discwasher fluid for pre-play dusting on the turntable. By the way, allegedly, you can use diapers -or was it maxipads? - for drying. Anything to do with microfiber confuses me, so I just bought the SpinClean towels. Cheap enough.
  9. Understatement of the ... well, quite a while, anyway. BTW, apropos of not nothing in particular, I have lately been enjoying the DSP crossfeed feature that Roon put in v1.3. I was never much into that sort of thing. But in the digital domain it doesn't sound all fuzzy to me. Interesting.
  10. Yikes. Happy belated Birthday, Jeff!!!
  11. The spin clean gadget will clean a boatload of records in a heartbeat. Highly recommended if you tend to come home with armloads of used records.
  12. Dunno. I have Sprint, so I guess I'll hear something eventually. I'll post when I do. And maybe this will put Tidal on less shaky ground. Hopefully.
  13. Happy Birthday Lt Emooze!!!
  14. Happy Birthday!!! (Whichever Mike you are [emoji5]
  15. Happy Birthdays!!!