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  1. Happy Birthday acid basement!

    Happy Birthday, Birthday co-conspirator!!!!!!!
  2. Happy Birthday Iron_Dreamer!

    Happy Birthday, Birthday co-conspirator!!!!!!!
  3. Happy Birthday CarlSeibert!

    Many thanks, guys! Actually, Bonnie had a lot of stuff going on yesterday, so we're doing ongoing Birthday today. Or diffuse Birthday. So, celebratory mood for a while. It'll be the new fashion in birthdays.....
  4. Hurricanes and Stuff

    Interesting how different these things are in different neighborhoods. Here in Oakland Park, winds never got over 50mph or so. Wilma did 30k in damage to my house. This one blew an aluminum vent cover off. There was, of course, the obligatory 100 mph gust at the port. But if my neighbor sneezes, there's a 100 mph gust at the port.
  5. Hurricanes and Stuff

    Things are ok here. Pretty much all clear by noon. No limbs blocking streets. No fallen junk. We had an exhausting day hauling stuff to change from hurricane mode to no power for two weeks mode. Got the tree off our roof. Very little damage really. Cosmetic stuff to a few houses. No twisted road signs. I didn't see any damaged commercial buildings. A lot of broken trees. Our neighbor lost about a dozen. The only broken power pile I saw at all was in front of our workshop. No worries for us. The guys who make their living in that building may feel otherwise. The big discomfort is the power. Eight hours in - at low end tropical storm winds- we had a million people without power. In broward alone. Not a good showing for FPL. And they've already warned us that they won't be up to their usual sterling standard for restoration. So we're looking at two weeks for a storm that didn't even block any streets. Grrr.
  6. Hurricanes and Stuff

    Florida tornados are a different thing. Very small. Pop up out of nowhere, move very fast and blow some shit down. Not anywhere near as deadly, but scary because of crazy behavior.
  7. Hurricanes and Stuff

    We should be fine. We're at the mercy of Florida Flick and Flash, so there's the potential for extended inconvenience there. And the creek is as high as I have ever seen it, without storm surge or rain. That's a little troubling since we're about to get a foot of rain. Let's hope that it's the water management district managing as opposed to having a melt down. (The tide in our creek is controlled by a computer in West Palm Beach. They can raise it but not lower it.) But all in all, we're one heck of a lot better off than we could have been. I was monitoring Google Maps in case we had to flee. Here's a screen shot from last night. I-75 was nasty from Tampa All. The. Way. To Atlanta.
  8. Hurricanes and Stuff

    My phone says 100% chance of rain. Gee. A tad worried about gene.
  9. Need a mic

    Thanks. I Use ISHowYou, which is OK, but occasionally the audio drifts in time. I'll keep ScreenFlow in mind if I ever get annoyed enough to look for a new solution.
  10. Need a mic

    Last time I looked at the microphone page in the B&H catalog, there seemed to be a lot of the sort of mics that hang on a boom off your ear. The sort of thing that priests and infomercial salesmen seem to favour. Wired, though. Not too spendy. I have an Audio Technica lav that works fine with my Mac laptop. Not the most wonderful mic, but it was about $30 on Amazon. It has about 15 feet of skinny cable. Don't know of any wireless setups in your price range. I have the spread spectrum Rode lav and I like it ok. But it's a few hundred dollars.
  11. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Jacob, after I was ripped off -twice by the same lady- I had to look at a photo line up. I was clueless. Cops took it in stride. We are at a trash can painting event at the port with a friend and her daughters. Ran into several old friends. Either this is a smaller town than it seems or we know five million people. There. PIc inserted. It turns out "we" (Bonnie) won the first place prize for drum-painted-by(nominal)-adult. I love the smell of syrup in the morning...
  12. What are you EATING right now?

    At the Royal Pig, which seems to be coming into its own Bonnie: Mahi club, which was more of a burger. And quite tall. With spiced watermelon Me: Brisket sliders. And the Pig version of an Old Fashioned, which was very tasty, if not particularly old-fashioned. Good food week. On Thursday, the bistec al pastor at El Gaunaco (a JP discovery) was a total home run.
  13. Really poor timing on old Neil's part. Ten minutes after he comes out with a stupidly shaped (if great sounding) DAP, phones start supporting USB DACs and there's Red Book streaming and even rectangular DAPs mostly become small paperweights. Oops
  14. HDCP 2.2 compatible receiver

    I have the same sort of problem, but at 1080. My ancient Marantz (SR 56xx) receiver won't pass HD, so I run video sources to the TV and audio from the back to the receiver via S/PDIF. Works fine, but I did have to use the receiver's lip sync delay feature to get sight and sound lined up correctly. If I had the money in hand and basically could be bothered, I'd spring for the best receiver, with the best video features I could, with the lip sync thing being a major factor. That, and having a good scaler available to all sources. But since I've got good performance now...manyana...
  15. And now what did you do TODAY?