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  1. Thanks a lot! I've read so many fireworks in this thread. Have to clean my boards before testing with Amp boards.
  2. One more time many thanks to Birgir and Kevin for the kit and design. I've just fininshed the PSU board. Voltages in test are all beautiful but one..I measured Bias TP and got 580V. But at Bias output I got only like 400V. Is that Okay? (probably a newbie question xD
  3. I'm also having a SRM-1 MK2 with imbalance problem due to the pot. Too late for me to see this thread that I've already tear it apart. There's also some problem with the humming transformer. Bad grouding may cause that I guess. But how can I get it modded for balanced input? I remember seeing some saying that one just have to replace some resistors...hmmm
  4. It's good for newbie to have the advice. I'd take the bare boards, then 6x GRHVxxx3x GRLV79xx3x GRLV78xx3x Main Board3x miniT2 Thanks!
  5. It seems the boards to be kind of thin.. btw me,newbie, making my first KGSSHV and KGSSHV mini and having seen many Kevin-designs, find that there are many circuits with LSK389. I learnt that there are LSK389 A,B,C,D. Could you tell me which one to choose or they are the same? with much thanks!
  6. Hi Michael, hoping that I'm not too late, I would like to have 2x GRHVxxx 1x GRLV79xx 1x GRLV78xx 3x Main Board 3x miniT2 with much thanks!
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