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  1. Thank you! I was on the road for business all last week. I did get a response agreeing to inspect it after I responded to the generic email. I'll send PM you with details but wanted to update the group.
  2. Audeze wasn't very helpful. They sent a big letter about their design choice and tensioning on the diaphragm. No offer to help remedy the issue.
  3. @spritzer can we get a project amp that will fit inside the Jade II amp's case?
  4. I messaged @TammerDown but he doesn't appear very active. So I'm asking the general crowd. I have a used set of CRBN's (look fantastic, can't find a flaw on them) that has frequent crackling sound from very little movement/touching. Even turning my head to the side causes noticeable volume increases which eventually settle down to volume matching between sides. I can press on one earcup to repeatedly replicate the volume increase. Is this similar to other experiences. I have not noticed this on the Jade II or KOSS 95X. SR-007 incoming so I can't compare Stax just yet. The video which he linked is private so I can't watch it.
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