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  1. Happy Birthday Dinny!

    Happy birthday! You and your boys have fun!
  2. Happy Birthday Chris!

    Have a great birthday! Sent from my LG-US996 using Tapatalk
  3. Happy Birthday acid basement!

    40,000 tons of birthday wishes!
  4. Happy Birthday CarlSeibert!

    Happy birthday Carl! Miss you and Bonnie!
  5. Stax SRM-T8000

    Or you try to cater to both, with a mix of good value products, and flagship high end stuff that has "sex appeal" beyond solid engineering
  6. Stax SRM-T8000

    On that note, it's amazing how many people at a meet/show will listen to headphones backwards and never notice unless its' pointed out to them: "oh, it sounds better this way..."
  7. Happy Birthday tom_hankins!

    Have fun Tom, HBD!
  8. August 3rd Update

    Really like the new look on desktop browser!
  9. LG V20 - Anyone use this as a DAP (and a phone)

    Well, as you eluded to, I've really enjoyed the V20 (and V10 for that matter). I've found the V20 to be the first phone that typically survives a full day for me without charging, and doesn't have any lag/freeze issues. I think the DAC quality is quite good, better than the AK240, and almost but not quite to the level of the AK320/380. The amp isn't quite as good, and partially that's due to their low/high impedance software auto-switching (i.e. have to hack to enable full amp performance with sub 50ohm headphones). I don't mind using the bult-in amp, unhacked, with my JH Laylas, but if I'm going to listen for an extended period of time, like on a plane, I will hook up a Pico Slim. I've been primarily using Hiby Music, as I prefer the interface to that of Neutron. I couldn't say that there is any noticeable sound quality difference. Especially with this phone going for as little as $300 lately, I'd say it's a great deal. It's without question the best smartphone I have owned, and the audio quality is quite good for being the device that's always on hand. I could go on about the cameras as well, also the best experience I've had with a smartphone, and being able to develop RAW files on the fly has gotten me shots I never would have though possible on a phone.
  10. Happy Birthday Justin!

    Happy birthday! Go tear up that CVille night life
  11. I think that is one of your best-written pieces, Tyll, and a very fair take on the system. I think you do a great job of explaining the subtleties of the system and what it does and doesn't excel at. I feel a bit bad for the Sonoma guys when I see them at shows, as the system just doesn't hold up to the SPL needed to overcome room noise. Doubly so when I am showing the 009/BHSE right next door. But it is twice the price. Sent from my LG-US996 using Tapatalk
  12. Happy Birthday Brent!

    Happy birthday! Sent from my LG-US996 using Tapatalk
  13. And now what did you do TODAY?

    So I've got about $1700 in an Amazon credit from a returned item that I had to rebuy elsewhere to have in time. Anyone want to help me out by having me make an Amazon purchase for you and pay me back? It would really be handy! Thanks.
  14. NYC Meet Feb 4-5 2017

    Nice, JP I am on the plane back to LA! It was awesome to see everyone! Sent from my LG-US996 using Tapatalk
  15. NYC Meet Feb 4-5 2017

    She just made it