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  1. Happy birthday from Michelle and I!
  2. Happy bacon-wrapped birthday!
  3. Happy birthday Carl, hope you and Bonnie are doing as well as can be in these times!
  4. Happy birthday to my metal brother from another mother! Have fun!
  5. Thanks guys. Chinese BBQ pork is in the smoker, and a lovely chocolate raspberry cheesecake just came out of the oven. Doing it up 2020 style, homemade-at-home! Hope everyone is doing as ok as possible, I know this hasn't been a fun year for anyone. Just been lying low here and waiting for the madness to end.
  6. I don't remember finding him annoying as a broadcaster, certainly not like Joe Buck.
  7. Yikes, Al! The fires have been ridiculous. My mother was evacuated for nearly two weeks due to the Creek Fire in Central CA, she got to go home recently, but much of the area I grew up in burnt to the ground, including most of the town I had my first job in. It's pretty surreal seeing the Governor and Senator of California giving a press conference in front of the smoking remains of your elementary school playground, but such is 2020. Hope your sort-of-MIL comes through this OK. For as much burned in the Creek Fire, I was also amazed at how many homes they saved despite fire raging all a
  8. Here's to hoping! I know I don't want to be anywhere near a plane right now, quite the change from my recent history.
  9. Wow, good luck up there and look out for the air karens. You know they're coming next.
  10. It's A-OK. I have had literally years worth of photos waiting to be worked with that I had just been too busy to do anything with until this recent pause.
  11. Spring is sprung here in LA. From LG G8 w/Lightroom:
  12. Hey Shelly, I would say for sure that the Ether C Flow is more open and neutral than the Aeon Closed, in fact it's the top closed headphone I've personally used in those regards. I'm a big fan of it overall. The Focal Stellia is possibly slightly more detailed, but has a less neutral signature, smaller soundfield, and much higher price.
  13. Yeah, we had a great time last year Al! Even though I had to miss the Other Half antics Justin, Kerry, I have you down for passes. Anybody else who wants in, let me know in the next 24 hours.
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