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  1. Good thing they put an antibacterial coating on the lens, keep that staph infection rate low for all the kiddies poking at it and asking "granpa, wha's dat?"
  2. I'd watch those guys wherever they went, nothing like some good ol' drinking game camera comedy. I just hope the wealth of info on DPR doesn't disappear forever. Between the forum, sample galleries, studio tests, there is so much useful knowledge there that deserves to be preserved. It's the single best archive of information of the digital photography era.
  3. We're easy so far. Made to to NYC, so we are just a train ride away.
  4. Michelle and I are up for Friday events provided work doesn't decide to need me at the last minute. No particular time constraints at this point.
  5. Happy birthday you big tool(e)! 🤣
  6. Is this still the thinking? Michelle's interested to go to Other Half for the first time.
  7. Happy birthday 🍻🍻 Mike!
  8. Happy belated and congrats Grahame!
  9. Winds of change and have blown on in, and I'll be at Canjam, looking forward to it!
  10. My favorite "quirky" digicam I've owned was the Sony DSC-R1. Great image quality and lens for the time, interesting multi-angle screen, nice control and haptics with manual zoom helicoid. It was a fun casual backup camera to my full-frame DSLR for a while, only really being usurped once the Fuji X system hit stride for me around the XT-20 era.
  11. One of my favorite camera bloggers has an amusing take on that story: https://bythom.com/newsviews/the-new-york-times-prints.html
  12. Michelle and I met up with Shelly today for a few beers and a good post covid-times catch-up after what's been far too long. Great afternoon, and we even managed to find her Pliny on tap that was open in new years!
  13. Get to this place if you guys can, I went last NYC trip 2020, and it was mind-blowing pizza. I mean, they mill their own flour for god's sake! https://www.scarrspizza.com/
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