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  1. I just received my ES Labs Lambdas (404 drivers). I haven’t had enough listening time to give a considered post, but I’m curious about your experience with them with the post above. Agree that they’re less efficient because of the enclosure and driver direction but in some ways it lets me turn the volume up to “activate” them better. Running it off a CCS modded 006t, and soon off a Pro-modded SRD7. I didn’t notice clipping but still early days.
  2. Hi all, I’ve lurked here for a while but am active in the other regular forum. Apologies for the cold post here, but after a trade and drunken bidding on Yahoo Auctions I find myself with both an SRM-T1S and a 006t (both have pro and normal bias outputs). I would like to get the CCS mod done to one of them, likely the 006 which I would then keep. There’s likely no way in hell I would trust myself to do the mod, though I have JimL’s article. So my post is to find someone who could upgrade my 006t with the CCS mod and whatever other upgrades and updates (and voltage change) you feel would be worthwhile. I’m using it to drive (primarily) an L300LE and a NB Lambda. I have a Hive and an RR1 but I think I just like the Stax sound too much, and will likely sell those to pay for a Sigma. I’m in Los Angeles and so would love to be able to drive to drop this off rather than ship, but am happy to ship too. Thank you, and I apologize if this is not the place to post this. Jake
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