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  1. hi! i have a balanced diy dac with output capacitors to block dc component. can i connect the dac to ss dynalo without capacitors? dac has a dc bias of 2.7V per output. i know for single ended this is not an option, but im not sure for balanced...
  2. thank you very much. i will post everything here, but it will take some time because i am a student with very limited buget
  3. hi! i would like to share my work with you. i am working on a small susy dynalo but with grlv psu and much better cooling capacity. also i will change the pzta tranzistors with toshiba 2sc2881 and 2sa1201 because they do not heat as much as pzta for some reason, and they are smaller (sot 89). it is a work in progress. for now i only developed an amp (one channel) and psu section without anything else. in following pictures you can see one amp channel and psu with meanwell switchers feeding the grlv (maybe i will put a transformer). bottom side of the pcb has exposed copper (large white spots) which will make contact with case to have more thermal mass. as you can see, there are lots of vias and they connect top and bottom part of pcb around output transistors to increase thermal surface. size of one channel section is 42x87 mm, and psu section is 98x61 mm. so i plan to fit finished project in 150x150mm case. i am a student so it will take time to build this thing, and of course a lot of hard earned money . i hope you like it! pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1x2SQcV86kyMJL18twtRnseKntS9kgVBa?usp=sharing
  4. can i replace jfets with that340 in old dynalo SE circuit without any mods? some resistor are different
  5. do you maybe sell LSK489 / LSJ689 ?
  6. if i have a 50k pot, but need a 10k, can i put a 10k resistor parallel to amp input (or pot output)?
  7. can i maybe replace the jfets on original dynalo with that340? and what mods should i do? i think i must tune the ccs, and change pot from 50k to 10k. correct me if i am wrong
  8. i would like to build it, but i am a student so cost is a big problem unfortunately
  9. thank you for your response. maybe i will have the chance to build one someday
  10. yes. it is an old jfet input dynalo. i was lucky to get matched jfet pairs, but they were expensive. i followed the old schematic with tht components, but made some modifications because i used smd components. and my version has slightly more power. power supply is not modded, equivalent smd components are available and i want to ask you something. is there much benefit to using balanced output? lets say i will use this amp only with sennheiser hd650 and it has enough power to drive it and it is completely silent.
  11. biggest reason is cost. i am a student so cost is a problem. second reason, i wanted a somewhat small and compact all in one. maybe in the future i will make a balanced version
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