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  1. I know they're out of production, and I keep pumping them up, and no one seems to care, but I'll say it again: get a pair of Proton 301's - they rock. Laz
  2. A good day yesterday: Went to an Estate sale, bought two Tom Lehrer LP's, one "hillbilly music" LP. Also, a pair of pristine Utah duplex speakers - cast baskets, the whole nine yards. Later, I got back home after being out, and found that the Title had arrived for the Subaru Forester I am acquiring. :dance: Laz
  3. I'm just sour grape-ing because the drive died in my iMac, and I had to fall back on another source for my man-cave system. I have a line on a CDRW drive however - FOR FREE. Laz
  4. I only hope you didn't learn to ruin your gear like he did.
  5. No-brainer: I'd simply use the Stax set-up I already have, SR-5 headphones, and modified SRA-3S energizer. Any cheap DVDp would do for a source. For $500 I could even include my Static Headroom unit, and my TDS unit. The rest of you can keep nasty computers. Laz
  6. When you've beat the flat earth to death you can start on the hollow earth theory [aka hollow head theory]. Laz
  7. Lazarus Short

    New Cat

    It might interest you to know that the Maine Coon Cat is descended from... "The Norwegian Skaugkatt...known in Scandinavia as the the "Mountain Fairy Cat" for its singular ability to scale vertical cliff faces." The quote is from 'Discovering the Mysteries of Ancient America; Lost History and Legends, Unearthed and Explored' which I read not too long ago. Apparently the Skaugkatts were left behind by Vikings, and probably mixed a bit with native cats and/or cats which arrived later. Laz
  8. [shite - this is not the thread I thought I was posting on. What a way to get started here!] Laz
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