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  1. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. nsfw and horrifyingly beautiful
  2. I'll grab this. Last dark ambient record I got was the Lustmord / Melvins one, good stuff. Any Cold Meat or Aural Hypnox fans here?
  3. anybody have a link to that one dancing / celebrating emoticon from the simplemachines forum? i'd drill it.
  4. I'm not trying to, and never did.
  5. In order to establish rapport in an internet clique, a common technique is to "lurk more," or observe the goings-on in a forum to learn the ropes.
  6. I tried this. They kicked me out of the hospital and he cried. Harder next time?
  7. what did i do. edit: by "dealing with" i mean helping them while having an episode / preventing future episodes.
  8. Anyone here have any experience / advice? I have already read a lot of literature on the subject -- both on and offline -- but it always means more coming from anonymous internet strangers.
  9. Thelonious Monk

    Diablo 3

    I can't find Diablo II or Lord of Destruction anywhere. Must have lost them when I moved. It looks like they replaced necromancer with witch-doctor. Hope witch-doctor can still summon a shit-ton of skeletons.
  10. Actually, you're right, it's not nitpicking. Sort of like "rap" versus "hip-hop." This is a jazz topic though, I think we're veering a bit off course. "Neoclassical" might be an accurate descriptor for that kind of thing. Not in the Yngwie (please, not in the Yngwie sense ) or Dead Can Dance sense, of course.
  11. I know that. Most people use the term "classical" to refer to orchestral erudite/art music from any time period. Myself included. I prefer it because the line between "art" and "popular" music is often blurred. And more people will know what I'm talking about. And I don't want to say "serialism and new complexity and minimalism and impressionism and blaaaaaaaagh blagh blagh," because saying "20th century classical music" is easier. I can understand why you'd nitpick about stuff like that, though.
  12. Assorted Thomas Mann stories, The Gambler by Dostoevsky.
  13. 20th century classical, I meant. edit: Most of it, at least. There's plenty of 20th century classical composers that composed "emotional" music.
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