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  1. Doesn't it seem more logical they just drop a mk3 with detachable cables?
  2. Stax has removed the L300 and Sr-007 mk2 from their website. Looks like it wasn't just the 007a after all.
  3. I don't understand why they abandoned the 007 driver design. By removing holes from the electrode, they were able to actually give the headphone proper low-end. I'm sure in 5 years we'll all roll our eyes when the x9000 "S" drops and it's simply a side-step.
  4. Plastic grills, L500 cable… I guess they’re going to knock off the king to release a lesser version of the x9000/009 family? Yuck. sr-x mk4 would be better
  5. I reached out to stax. They claim the 007mk2 is still in production they only stopped the 007a. Weird though and not a good sign. Luckily I have 2x mk1 and maybe it's time for some mk2...
  6. Stax has discontinued the sr-007A. Not clear if that also includes the mk2. Anyone? https://stax.co.jp/news/discont/
  7. I don’t disagree with you on the 009/009s front nor on the 007 being great. I prefer the CRBN over the 009 line. Yet the CRBN should not be a $4500 headphone. The mk2.xxxxx 007 does everything the CRBN does and then some. SRX9k is a different story (…significantly better than the crbn…) and not the subject here.
  8. The CRBN is not warm. It’s treble dimmed with a 3hz peak. When you compare it to a headphone with strong highs you can immediately tell it’s rolled off. Not a worthy $4,500 purchase unless you have the sensory sensitivity of someone autistic.
  9. Sadly, the conclusion to the CRBN "study" is that it's a great headphone that neither technically nor tonally is correct. Perhaps one day Audeze will make a headphone that is both exciting and accurate (and doesn't fart). After 6+ months, it's a zero recommendation from my side. Big question mark as why spritzer was such a fan. Based on the posts, and early access, it seems he may have been influentially bias about the sound signature. I hope I'm wrong Spritzer!
  10. This whole debate feels off. As someone who owns both the 007mk1, the srx9k and the Mjolnir Carbon - it's easily to say the Srx9k is the TOTL. Birgir is a great amp builder, but he's no golden ears. The Omega might still be the preferred pick but the 007, in any rendition, was never a competitor.
  11. 007a = garbage 007 mk1 71xxx = ❤️ which one is it …
  12. All of the units have a warranty for 3 years from the build date. Tell them you want them to inspect it. Mine was faulty.
  13. No need to justify, Justin. I know the work deserves a high price tag - I'm just trying to determine how much money to set aside :). The power question is because I have no idea anything from an engineering standpoint. I'm just trying to gauge from a tier standpoint is this like a T2 level amp or more like a megatron... etc
  14. In terms of power I assume this is a step closer (but not surpassing?) a T2? We talking above or below the 5 figure point?
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