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  1. fatman711

    Need some suggestions...

    Hey guys, Yes, i know a full leather pad will ruin the sound for sure. This is why I have some design ideas that should let air flow while stealing having the feeling of comfy leather on your ears.
  2. fatman711

    Need some suggestions...

    Hey guys, I'm planning on designing some leather Grado pads but I would like to get some suggestions as to whether people would prefer the pads being more bowl shaped or GS1000 pad shaped. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated. thanks
  3. Thanks for the support guys. Sorry Larry that I couldn't help you out with that one but I hope you understand my situation and how I make them. -Jeremy
  4. Yes, thanks for pointing out that thread. Basically for anything custom, that is what I need. It's all explained in that thread.
  5. thanks for the kind words. I do have plans for a Grado leather pad.
  6. thanks. Your pair is going out tomorrow.
  7. Hey guys, Just letting you know that we have released a new line of products. They aren't on our site yet but here are the details: Denon (D2000, D5000, D7000) These pads are much thicker than the stock pads, allowing much more air flow which means more space for instrument separation, bass control, and overall better clarity. Leather will last much longer than the stock Denon pleather pads. Please take a look at this review thread written by Lee at Cryo Parts: JMoney Denon Ear Pads - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio Price: $62.99USD ($7.50 international shipping flat rate) Beyerdynamic (DT770, DT880s, DT990s, etc): These Beyer pads have been described as being the best ever pad made for Beyers. There are numerous good comments roaming around Head-fi. With these pads, overall tonal balance is preserved, bass control, and clarity. If you have issues with bloated bass, get these pads and they will fix your problems. Please take a look at this review written by Skylab: REVIEW: JMoney Audio Genuine Leather earpads for Beyer DT770/880/990 - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio Price: $54.99USD + shipping ($5 international flat rate shipping) Please PM me for ordering details or email me at [email protected] thanks guys!
  8. Introducing www.JMoneyAudio.com, formerly known as HeadCoverage. I'm running solo now and quality has gone up. At JMoney Audio, we specialize in handmade leather products and other headphone related mods. We have been providing customers with our lambskin leather Grado headbands for over a year, took a short break, and have returned under a new name with a better product at a lower price! Our new showcase product is our brand new V2 lambskin leather Grado headbands available in dark brown and black. Other than lambskin headbands for Grados/Alessandros, we have plans on making a new Beyer headband, new Denon headbands, AKG 240 headbands, and other leather related products. We will have a brand new woody mod section up very soon. You can view some of our past feedback in my signature below and you can see that our customers were very happy with our products. thanks for visiting us at JMoney Audio -Fatman711
  9. fatman711

    Headfive or soha?

    so what opamps should I get? Do I have to change the output buffer as well? How do I change these things? Do I just pop open the amp, pull the opamps out and plug in the new ones? thanks
  10. fatman711

    Headfive or soha?

    I would probably sell my Pimeta after I get the headfive. If I get it that is. This is what is in the pimeta. MisterX built it. Analog Devices 8620 opamp, Left & Right channels (socketed) Analog Devices 8610 opamp, ground channel (socketed) 1 BUF634 output buffer per channel. (socketed) 4 Nichicon 1000uf 30v power supply capacitors Hand matched Vishay/Dale 1% metal film resistors JFET Cascode class A bias Silver Cardas wiring and output jacks Neutrik 1/4" locking input jack Alps "Blue Velvet" 50k potentiometer Kilo international knob Mountain mini toggle switch (front mounted) 2.1 mm DC power jack
  11. fatman711

    Headfive or soha?

    I'm debating which amp I should get. Right now, I have a home based Pimeta. I would like something warmer though. Which of these amps should I get? I only use Grado headphones (sr225 and sr100) thanks
  12. fatman711

    Share your favorite stores and parts here.

    redco.com is a good place to get cheap connectors.