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  1. Unfortunately, Rhydon would not get much or any cooperation from the bureaucratic bohemoth that is Canada Post. Chances are they won't update the tracking until it's delivered; I highly doubt the item is stuck anywhere in the postal system on the delivery side (might be stuck in customs, though).
  2. hmmm... I figured the way I ranted in Dr.Arthurwellian inanity kind of gave it away. Note to self: use more emoticons in future...
  3. um...Justin, actually, electrons only travel @ about 10% the speed of light - which is why Ken used 18AWG cryologically treated Oxygen free 24K gold large gauge non-stranded wire soldered with 99.999999999999% silver. Only such a high quality connector can handle the 90 degree turn. After all, the signal impedance imposed by a RA plug is much greater, relatively speaking. ALO's optical cables, in contrast, can warp around 90 degree turns unbuffered. As it turns out in the end, Ken used the straight Canare plugs as he found it helped relieve the signal bottleneck caused by the narrowing on RA plug openings...
  4. I'm not surprised this is linked to KB. Honestly, the man is all marketing IMO. He knows that bigger is better in most people's eyes (especially newbies) and takes advantage of the information assymetry. I'll be the first to admit that the mini-mini LOOKS top of the line, but also know that it is wayyyyy overkill. Justin, does the jack break itself or does it actually rip the solder joints? Either way I don't envy your situation. Best of luck with that - given the nature of the business, it's better to eat the cost and move on than have some peeved customer trash your work and your quality (baseless as it would be).
  5. Can someone lead me to more info on the subject? I googled what I hoped would be some good keywords to get me to a thread or something... no luck
  6. was there any other benefit to J's modules other than power? I was always curious as to what they were designed to do...
  7. NWT, no update yet. I heard from Raffy that Nick isn't even answering his phone since the meet so I'm still in limbo. I think Skylab has left Nick20 some bad feedback or at least a warning post in his FB on the other site. The worst part about this is that Skylab was administering the loaner program for us b/c he's a good guy and shipping is reasonably b/w USA locations (shipping from up here in Canada adds a layer of PITA that could have dissuaded some from participating in the program) - in any case, it's all academic now. I'm still holding out hope that Nick20 has been ill and will show up again in the near future. we'll have to wait and see. Cheers! Oriel
  8. If you can show me a better looking, properly fitting outer parts for the amount of money our current externals cost, not only will I change the look, I'll thank you for the help! Other than buying large volume, expensive parts from east Asia, I've found nothing that meets the needs otherwise.
  9. aesthetic points noted, all, but for this unit we're sticking with the cheap, reliable and awesome sounding motif. Future releases will improve in the looks dept., but the niche we looked to fill here is similar to the 'xin' model, but with good service and proper customer care. For fancy looking units that trade SQ for looks, and/or cost a pretty penny (but sound awesome), other makers can be consulted. Remember the 197x Honda Civc? How about the Hyundai Pony? - one has to start somewhere... Peter's already playing with a newer design that will be more expensive, have a lower noise floor, and better dynamic response; it will also have more power output and will look better, I promise.
  10. I'll keep that in mind, LOL. AFAIK, Peter and I won't get near that as Peter doesn't want to touch UL and/or sell high V apps while we're this two man crew operation;)
  11. Nate, I agree totally - problem is, that was the only switch we could find that fit the price bill and the size. We had a much nicer switch originally, that fit the price range, but in a design misstep (one of only a few, to Peter's credit), Peter didn't consider the switch size - when we mounted it, it protruded too far and flexed the protoboard. The only other option would have been mounting the switch higher on the amp, which would look just as ugly b/c of alignment assymmetry. There are always trade-offs, Vince...
  12. I'll see what I can arrange for you. Right now Skylab over at the other site has my KICAS as he loaned his Caliente to Nick20 for a fledgling loaner program - as murphy would have it, Nick20 (who has great feedback and community participation) is MIA - until we can get the amp back from him, my loaner program died during birth:mad:. Needless to say I'm not happy about the situation (though there may be a good reason behind Nick20's disappearance that will only reveal itself in time) and am a little hesitant about future loans, as you can imagine.
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