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  1. The tuner is built into the controls, so a sperate headstock tuner isn't needed.

    I think I might go see what GuitarCenter has to offer tomorrow. I'm guessing it will just be a bunch of banjos, Arkansas and all. 

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  2. 8 minutes ago, VPI said:

    So you want the pick-ups for when you start street husking on a little amp?

    If I was going to buy a sub $1000 guitar I would look at the Dirty 30s from Recording King http://www.recordingking.com/guitars/rds9.  I think it is less than $1000 or some of the better Yamahas.

    You can put pick-ups on any of them if you decide you need them.  I would get a better guitar up front and spend money on pick-ups later.

    Wanted it more for the built in tuner. Plus you never know when Dave Matthews might ask me to come on tour to rock out the G chord. 

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